Top 5 Popular Youtubers for Hair and Skin Care

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In today’s world, it’s common for people to aspire to a youthful and attractive appearance. Inspired by the glamour industry and the influence of social media. Peoples are increasingly eager to enhance their skin and hair. However, a lack of awareness often leads to mistakes that can negatively impact the very features they wish to improve. In India, there is a long-standing tradition of using natural products to maintain healthy hair and skin. By embracing these age-old secrets, individuals can achieve their desired aesthetic goals while avoiding potential pitfalls. Here I am talking about Top 5 Popular Youtubers for Hair and Skin Care. Which can serve as a guide to better skin and hair care. They can enriching knowledge regarding the applicability of natural products.

1. Vandana Goswami

Vandana Goswami having in the skin and hair care arena for almost 2 years. As a successful YouTuber, she shares simple and easy to do DIYs (Do it yourself) for on the go people. She shares DIYs with 3-4 ingredients, which can be easily available at home, where skincare dominates her work. Vandana Goswami posts her videos almost every day. In her video she discusses a variety of topics and problems which are common to many. As her channel has grown, she has also started doing product reviews and sharing good clothes available. Vandana Goswami also conducts giveaways to keep her viewers in tune with her. Sometimes shares methods to earn money at home also.

As someone from Gujarat, she has also created a channel specifically for Gujarati viewers. On this channel, the same content available in Hindi is also provided in Gujarati.

2. Preity Prerna

Prerna has quickly grown as a YouTuber due to her life-saving tips and high-quality content. Her channel focuses on remedies for both hair and skin care, tailored to different weather conditions. This weather-based approach adds extra value to her remedies, making them more helpful for viewers. In her videos, she takes the time to explain in detail the items she uses, making the effort worthwhile. Prerna’s videos are filled with comments from satisfied users who eagerly anticipate her three weekly posts. She occasionally does product reviews, she primarily relies on her abundant collection of natural content to share with her audience.

3. Superwowstyle

The channel stars a young content creator named Prachi, who shares valuable skin and hair care tips and remedies that resonate with the viewers. Being a young influencer, she particularly appeals to younger girls. Prachi not only discusses the necessary steps for skin care, but also she provides clear instructions. She shares her own personal results from trying them out. Having been in the field for a while, she also opens up about her life and addresses common issues and problems that girls often face. Prachi has expanded her content to include product reviews, where she candidly shares her experiences with different products.

4. Ghazal Siddique

Before everything else, the viewers would be charmed by the royal manner in which she speaks in Urdu. In addition, she shares skin and hair care remedies and also talks about how those remedies turned out to be for her. She also has spent quite a lot of time as a Youtuber, and as the viewers’ comments suggest, her remedies do wonders for all who are interested in improving themselves. At the same time, she also talks about the applicability and uses of the different ingredients she uses and the reasons for using them.

5. Kudrat Care

This channel revolves around the idea of harnessing the power of nature (kudrat) to take care of hair and skin. The YouTuber, Monika, shares a variety of natural remedies and mixtures using readily available ingredients found at home. What sets Monika apart is her interactive approach with viewers. She actively asks her audience for topic suggestions, and based on their votes, she creates and uploads videos. She strives to ensure that no demand goes unanswered. Monika has also expanded her content by venturing into another channel called “Mona’s Den.” This channel focuses more on lifestyle and other content beyond just skin and hair care.

All of these channels recommend a patch test before trying any remedy to be on the safer side, and none claim results in the first use. Neither are these channels restricted only to women. Men can try the tips too. Hence, people who want to use natural remedies and have the patience to see the long-lasting results can check them out.

Article By: Akhila Saroha, The Literature Times.

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