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Self-love Comparison (most poisonous element) Lesson 5: Srishty Verma

BySrishty Verma

Feb 4, 2022
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Now it’s time to talk about very familiar term for today’s generation is comparison. Which we normally do with ourselves and sometimes our family and friends also do for us.

Now a days competition among each other is quite higher than before, because pressure of getting and maintain first position is really important for today’s generations. Maybe that’s why sometime some of us try to compare ourselves, our parents with our classmate, our teachers with other students, relatives, friends and almost everyone.  But is comparison with others really good for our mental health? And the answer is No. Comparison shows that we are searching or trying to get rid from the reality. It’s also the enemy of creativity.

Yesterday, I was reading an article about why you should stop comparing yourself to others and it says: “if comparing is how you evaluate your worth, you will always be losing. In this game of life, you will never reach a point where you are better than others in every way and why would you want to be.”

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar once said: your comparison with your own performance is better, is healthy, but if you start comparing with others in all probability, you will feel jealous.

We normally feel that comparison make us better, but in reality, every comparison brings us suffering. Buddha says whenever we compare ourselves to others we are collecting suffering. We should allow ourselves to grow, without the pressure of comparing ourselves with others. In spite of comparison, we need to understand that every individual is different from each other, every person struggle is different and there is no comparison between moon and sun, they both shine in their own time. And there are few causes of comparing ourselves.

  1. It damaging our self-respect.
  2. It can cause depression.
  3. Self-doubt.
  4. Lack of confidence. And so, on
  5. Its death of joy.

These are few causes of comparing ourselves  with others. When we compare our life to someone else’s, it’s usually the result of us not feeling good about ourselves. Let it be live each day like it’s your last just put 100% in very things. Today’s reminder: Personality begins where comparison leave, be unique.

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