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Bestselling Author Shaheen Kazi Talks About Her New Book ‘SIZZLING WITH SHE 2 SHE’

Shaheen Kazi is an Indian Author; being from Mumbai. She settled in Gulf (Saudi Arabia) for more than two decades. After perusing IATA, she focused on her passion for writing. Her achievements include six books, three anthologies, and many forthcoming projects. She is a versatile author. She also writes short articles for The Literature Times. […]

Cooking Feelings with Some Memories

Do you like cooking? A lot of you don’t know this, but I love to cook. Growing up with the stay-at-home mom, I had spent time assisting her in the kitchen. Although she never allowed me to cook, fearing that I might eventually burn my face. I absorbed whatever she did, how my mom would chop the vegetables, how she would sauté the onions until they were brown, how she would keep things prepared in the evening for my next school tiffin in the morning.

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