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Where are those days? When our lazy morning was wrestling with the alarm clock.

Where are those days?  When we were all running for office, schools and universities on time.

Where are those days? When has it been such a pleasure to share our food with our friends and colleagues?

Where are those days? When were mothers so happy sending their kids to school?

Where are those days? When children were excited about rushing into the school door before the school bell rang.

 Where are those days? When lovers used to kiss and kiss.

Where are those days? When were we looking forward to the weekend?

Where are those days?  When one sneezes in public, a stranger passes by and says ‘Bless You’.

 Where are those days? When there was a celebration in large numbers at weddings and birthday parties.

Where are those days? When any beloved human passed away, there were people in great masses to come and visit the soul with respect.

Where are those days? When people use to come out and gather in the markets to do shopping or prepare to celebrate the festivals.

All those days have elapsed.

These days are like memories. Yes, memories, you read them well.

The pandemic had changed our whole lifestyle; the pandemic had turned our daily lives into a kind of fear. Even if it is a natural sneeze or cough, we are afraid. When we leave home, we don’t forget to wear our masks.  We have always seen the medical team wearing masks but never thought that this mask would be part of our life. Wandering around in a mask, it’s like we’ve all turned into bank robbers.

Young children, small kids, they too are roaming in fear and losing each day of their beautiful childhood.

The Evening Parks are vacant, and the open play areas are quiet. Children only use their time in the home with a gadget (which is an unpleasant side effect). The Internet has become busier, as this Internet has taken on the great responsibility of entertaining every one of us.

Social Distancing, Work from Home, Online Schools, has entered all our lives. But to what extent are these things moving in the right direction for our future?

Things have become so complicated, and people are still fighting for daily wages, school fees hit the sky, more electricity consumption. Few people have seen their salaries decrease, some lose their jobs and others are still unemployed. There is only a struggle, and a fight is going on without any solution in our hands.

It appears that the world has stopped; we struggle every day to fight this battle. This battle is between us. Precautions are essential, but to what extent are we concerned about them? It is the biggest issue we have.

Health is our responsibility, but not thinking about others; is carelessness.

I have no idea when everything gets back to normal. However, I can share with some of my readers how we can all deal with these difficult situations.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, self-care is imperative.

Keep yourself and your family healthy.

EAT HEALTHILY, AND COOK WELL – Healthy nutrients are essential in your body. During this pandemic, get fresh, healthy and vital food; prepare delicious favourite meals for your family member with your little creativity and a splash of healthy ingredients.

MOVE YOUR BODY – If there are parks close to your neighbourhood, spend time in the open air and sunlight. Please bring your kids too, get them to do activities such as cycling. Adults can take their favourite music for a walk. Don’t forget to maintain your distance from people.

ENJOY YOUR OWN COMPANY: Read some good books, avoid social media for few hours, and spend your time getting engaged in some work. If you are fond of writing or drawing, do not hesitate to sit down with pen and paper.  Pen down some beautiful thoughts on your blank sheet of paper. If you love singing, Sing and feel your voice, feel the happiness.

If you have kids, play with them some exciting board games, enjoy some educational shows. Allow them to teach you something in their path. 

STAY IN TOUCH: Stay in touch with all your friends, neighbours and families through zoom meetings. Seeing one another online will keep your mood calm to see them happy and safe.

STRESS CONTROL: In these situations, all of us must control our stress. Many of us fail (even me), where anxiety reigns in our minds for minor things in life. Each person’s life is different from the rest, and there is no comparison. We all deal with a variety of challenges in our daily lives. But we must keep monitoring ourselves. Does our anxiety assist us in solving our problems? Or negativity is affecting us?

My husband always says one thing to me, when I become restless for nothing. I would like to share with my readers:

He says, “Today is innocent, today is unaware of your yesterday flaws, yesterday has already departed, so make your Today Positive and Happy”.

If you fail to do certain things today, forgive yourself and try again tomorrow. Your mind and body will be thankful.

There’s always a tomorrow for you and me.


SHOW GRATITUDE: In the present day, when everything has changed, and you still have a roof over your head, food on your plate, and your family is with you safely. So you are truly blessed.

Issues and complaints are part of every person’s life. But if you are blessed, then my dear reader, you possess a treasure. With your patience and support, these days will soon pass. We all have many reasons to be grateful at this time of crisis.Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Article by: Shaheen Kazi, The Literature Times

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