Interview with author Nabaghan Ojha

Soudia Parveen:- A heartfelt congratulation for the publication of your book “A Conversation With Time”. How has been the responses towards the book till now?

Nabaghan Ojha:- Thank you so much Soudia. Since my book “A Conversation With Time” released in December 2021, the response, as of now, is quite big and very astounding. The queries and the calls that I am getting every day show how the readers have been engaged actively in the book. I feel excited about the title of the book as well. Almost everyone speaks how I choose such a beautiful title which is actually a different. The beauty of the book is its title which is perfectly matched with the contents of the book. I am very much sure that the book will touch its peak in a short time period.

Soudia Parveen:- You have taken a great step in writing such a book to guide one’s life! What in real inspired you to do so and how has been the outcome?

Nabaghan Ojha:- This particular question I have been facing since the book is released. Let me put my honest views here. In the last of couple of years, I moved beyond my comfort zone to understand the society more closely by way of empowering some people, getting into their life situations, finding ways for them, researching the development issues etc. I found a big gap between the service delivery and acceptance of its recipients. When I started becoming real, I was behaved very unreal. The pain of the unreal behaviour was very high and sometime unbearable. One fine evening someone close to me whispered “why don’t you create examples by using the power of words as a strategy for the people who actually are derailed and less connected to the society”. This particular sentence ignited me to invent a new path in my life. And the outcome is clearly visible now. I can make a tall claim that I could purpose this book in a big way and place it in a right time for the right audience across space and time.        

Soudia Parveen:- Was it difficult or easy to frame and conceptualize the minute details of the fundamentals of life and consequences of it? How did you manage to put the critical key concepts in a story format?

Nabaghan Ojha:-

Well. It was actually not an easy task. Unless someone is not deeply involved in the societal issues it is really difficult to pen something for the society. I am fortunate enough that in last two decades I could closely work with people of different strata to understand them and their life situations. When I started writing this book in the beginning, I was lost in the confusions and dilemmas. It was difficult to conceptualise how to start and where to end. It took almost a month to ideate the entire story which is presented in the book. The day my subconscious mind accepts the idea without any conflict, I did not stop after that. And of course to present the conceived idea in a productive way to the readers, I have gone through many scriptures and books. I really found difficult when I tried to blend the tradition with the modern science. And the most vital guiding document for me is the holy “Bhagawat Gita” from which I got the real strength in bringing my idea into a reality.     

Soudia Parveen:- The book is all about two protagonists “Nishit” and “Yogeshwar”, what would you like to say about these characters in reference to the realms of life?

Nabaghan Ojha:- I love the name Nishit and I designed him in my dream for this important character in my book. In my dream Nishit is an innocent guy but a strongest soldier of God. That is probably the reason why he suffered a lot in his life. Just because he is a simple and honest everyone plays with him. When the pain becomes unbearable he is caught by God who shows him the right way to design a new age where all livings could feel safe. Yogeshwar is the other name of Lord Krishna. So I picked this beautiful name as the mentor of Nishit. Yogeshwar is the person who speaks to time in the entire story. He speaks to the entire mankind for an awakening towards transformation.

Life is not a predictable affair. Adversity is bound to come. If the readers find the “Nishit” within them while reading the book, they could actually understand the meaning of life and look for ways towards the real transformation. Everyone could get Yogeshwar as a mentor the moment he or she surrenders himself/herself to the Almighty.

Soudia Parveen :- For the reader it will be very helpful to develop a better perception and make fruitful utilization of time in accordance to mend a better life, What more do you want to add up to this context?

Nabaghan Ojha:-

If you read the book you will find how precious is the time and how powerful is time. I would suggest to utilise each moment productively. Living in the present is best strategy of life and that is only possible if you could purpose your life. This will help you to take new risks, moving towards your growth zone which can eventually land you at your destination. This will give you lasting happiness. This will make you an honest leader in the society. If you could use the time productively you will never feel regret at the end of life. You will live the life fully. At the end you will feel proud of you and remembered as a hero for the people.

Soudia Parveen:-Do you feel the holy book ‘Gita’ is a ultimatum guide and everyone should follow it and would reach to the heights if practiced properly?

Nabaghan Ojha:- Yes definitely. “Bhagawat Gita” is a ultimatum guide for everyone. I believe that the proper knowledge and wisdom could elevate a person to a higher version of life if used properly. In our daily life we come across situations which are sometimes under our control and sometimes beyond our control. We break and become hopeless when situations are beyond control. But if we are equipped with knowledge, every adverse situation could be overcome gracefully. And that knowledge can be acquired from the holy “Gita”. It is filled with gems knowledge and each chapter of “Gita” can guide how to use the knowledge in the life. If someone could acquire such knowledge, understand the real meaning of it and use in day to day to life, life will be really smooth and the society could be better place to live.     

Soudia Parveen:- How would you provide a meaning to the perception of every being who looks within themselves in an inferior position?

How must life be calculated by oneself?

Nabaghan Ojha:-

In such a vast world if someone looks himself in an inferior position it is just waste of time. Lack of purpose in life pushes a person to think of inferiority. Change your perception and you can see the beauty of life. Dream so big that you won’t find time to think of inferiority within yourself. Think of how you can make today little better than yesterday. Think of doing things in a different way. Read something new everyday and do something new everyday. These small things will change your perception of life and one day you will discover yourself standing at the top of the ladder of success.  Tsunami of success will move with you as a shadow.  

Soudia Parveen:- What kind of strategy do you personally suggest to the beings, especially for those who feels like quitting and underestimating their inner self?

Nabaghan Ojha:-

Quitting is the worst decision in life and underestimating the inner self is the worst feeling. Wise persons never do this. Remember that the beauty of life starts just before you quit. It is very easy to quit but it needs real courage to try again and again. The mind expands when you will remain in the situation, face it and try in different ways. You may fail several times but never quit. The people who underestimate their inner self are actually in fear. They don’t want to leave their comfort zone. But in true sense the real transformation requires you to step into new environments, meet new people, and do things that you’re not used to. This may make you scary and bring fear in you. But when you start to feel fear, re-frame it and tell yourself that you’re highly excited. Embrace the feeling and don’t let it stop you. Remember that anything which is not extraordinary is just waste of time. Be a leader in your work and perform at the highest level. Then you will just forget of quitting and underestimate your inner self. 

Soudia Parveen:- In conclusion to the book, what message do you want to leave for the reader as well as the budding writers? In future, will you come up with more such books, containing relevant knowledge?

Nabaghan Ojha:-

I would suggest the readers to understand the purpose of the book which speaks about strategies to deal the transitional society. Think how and in whatever form can you contribute for the betterment of the society. Like a humming bird, you can just make a start and sustain it. I am sure people will join you soon. The moment you act in this way, your vision of life will be changed and society will start changing for you. Please remember that our next generations will live in this society and whatever legacy we leave, will be the guiding principle for them. If we want them to live in a better society let’s make it for them.

And yes, my next books will speak about the higher versions of societal stories and I am sure all my books in future will be penned to ignite the readers for transformation. I would also request the budding writers to leave a big message for the readers through their book whether it is fiction or nonfiction. Let’s explore the real power of pen and words.         

Soudia Parveen:- I value and respect your opinion so far and I really appreciate your words and very thankful to you for sparing your precious time in sharing your humble words.

More power to your pen. All the best.

Nabaghan Ojha:-

Thank you so much Soudia.

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