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Poetry is the form of literary writing that can give words to emotions that would otherwise go unstated in prose writing. Quills Feelings Within by Shivani Garg Parti is a testimony to that. In her collection of 42 poems, the author presents her observations and thoughts that she has had in her lifetime and in the garb of this, also attempts to raise issues that are relevant at social levels. The objectivity of her thoughts and words makes the poems free of any restrictions of gender and makes her work true and close to life.

The Review

True to its title, “Quills” is a platform to give expression to all that the poet has observed. Metaphorically, this collection is just like the tip of the iceberg to the thoughts of the poet, which are yet to be explored and still to find their way through her pen. As a collection of poems, “Quills” is a record of the raw emotions that a human being has and goes through in their lives and attempts to give words to them. At the same time, the poems are equally intuitive and profound in their exploration of subjects that hold relevance to the existence of humanity at large. In her poems, she shares her thoughts on a range of concrete and abstract themes, as well as personal and public. Therefore, due to the relevance of her subjects to both individuals and society at large widens the appeal to a universal level and a wide variety of groups.

The poems, mainly written in free verse, bear the strong impressions of an artistic mind where the poet mostly takes the seat of the third person and tries to let the readers read her words but think as per their discretion. At the same time, her choice of subjects is noticeable when her options swing from deeply personal accounts to issues that would have relevance on both a social or individual level. This makes the collection multi-dimensional and increases the audience base to which the book would appeal. As per her choice of language, the poet is more concerned with giving concreteness to the thoughts she has and chooses to keep the language simple without much use of too many literary devices. This invites the readers who do not read poetry also to try reading and begin their journey of enjoying poetry through “Quills.”

Must Read Poems

The collection comprises several intense and thought-provoking subjects which are balanced with light and poems written in a relaxing mood. Poems like “She,” “Soldier,” “You Are Unique,” “The Grey Beauty of Feathers,” “Where is the Peace?” and many others are poems written in the former category while the latter includes “Bounties of Nature,” “Together We Smile,” “A Chilly Wintery Morning,” “A New Journey” and others. Every poem has the ability to connect a different set of readers with it. Due to the diverse subjects and the unique content, the poems are relatable for many people at the same time.

“Quills” has a book cover that would be a relaxing sight for the readers and a collection of poetry which may set the mind to different moods and set it on the necessary swings to make it more active and alert and also sensitive to the issues which may be ignored at times.


4/5. After being published in an international anthology, the author does justice to the subjects she chooses in her solo publication. Her impressions of belonging to literary background find their traces in how she structures her poems. Even if there is free verse usage, there is a rhythm that every poem follows, which is in tune with the style of the poet. However, due to her choice of subjects, she becomes unparalleled with either the romantics or the modern writers. The topics Parti writes on has the necessary touch of the present time, which makes “Quills” more of a reflection of the time it has been published in which is less affected by nature and more recipient to the contemporary lifestyle. These are the factors that also give her a unique place in the canon, ensuring that her poetry becomes a part of everyone’s library.

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