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Interview with Archana Sundareshan author of the book : The moments I took a pause…

ByThe Rise Insight

Dec 21, 2022

Archana is a Technologist by profession, Writer and Photographer by passion, Yoga Teacher by conscious choice, English Teacher to underprivileged girls from rural parts of India by inspiration, Mother to a tenacious daughter and an endearing furry canine son, Mrs. India Earth 2021 Winner (2nd runner up) and a Traveler at heart making every journey of life count and a Seeker at soul uncovering more of her every day.

Archana has traveled to 27 countries so far and she counts this as her most valuable investment in life. What started off as a holiday morphed into a cause she strives for and a lifestyle she promotes via her website www.somedaynomadic.com.

“The moments I took a pause…”, is a conglomeration of 80 of countless pictures Archana Sundareshan has taken and her commemoration to the spirit of travel, openness, adventure, fearlessness, seeking and experiencing the quintessence of life.

Let talk with Author Archana,

Welcome to The Rise Insight

Swapna Peri: Hello Archana, Congratulations on the book. We would like to know more about you!

Author: I am Technologist by profession, Writer and Photographer by passion, Yoga Teacher by conscious choice, English Teacher & career mentor to underprivileged girls from Rural parts of India by inspiration, Mrs India Earth Pageant winner(2nd runner up, Mrs Compassionate, Mrs Best Traditional Costume), Mother to a tenacious daughter and an endearing furry canine son (a golden retriever) and a Traveler at heart making every journey of life count and a Seeker at soul uncovering more of me every day. Currently I am living with my loving family in Bangalore.

Swapna Peri:  What was that one thing that made you write this book?

Author: Travel was an integral part of my lifestyle and with the world raging pandemic and lockdowns that followed, traveling was a farfetched dream. I missed traveling and during one of those days I was flipping through my travel photographs, a thought occurred that it may be a good idea to use the time during pandemic to commemorate my love for travel by culmination of all my travels so far into a fine piece of art – A Book. Through this art I can share with the world how travel has touched and transformed me and let the art do its own magic by gravitating the readers to embark on their next transformational journey.

Swapna Peri: There must have been an intellectual trouble while deciding the title. Can you share the journey with us?

Author: This was the easiest part for the book journey. Every shot I take, it is truly a moment I take a pause from everything else going on in my life or in the world, to totally give into a photograph. Every shot has my soul in it. Also, it a metaphor for readers too to take a pause to appreciate how magnificent this life and everything that fuels the life is. We comprehend and cherish life so much more when we take a pause.

Swapna Peri: In the book which is your most favorite photograph and what is the story behind it?

Author: I love every picture in the book. It was rather tough to limit the number of pictures to the ones published. However, over a gunshot, I would say the cover picture reflects me. It is a shot of a leaf in dense forest, just one of the insignificant leaves amongst billions in a forest and yet it is significant in its own way when you take a closer look and how beautiful it is. Being one amongst the billion, it still adds to the magnificence of the forest. This is a conundrum we all battle with related to significance and insignificance of our lives in this cosmos. The beauty is in this enigma.

Swapna Peri: When did the tinge of photography occur to you?

Author: This is an interesting story. I loved being photographed and many a times I would be disappointed with the quality of photographs taken by my family or strangers that I requested for a click during my travels. It was on our road trip to New Zealand, I decided to channel my energy and enthusiasm in photography by getting behind the camera than being in frustrated being in front of it. The quality of photograph I expected, I could get it being behind the camera. As for my musing, I found a better one than myself in every spec of this world when I looked through the lens. Also, I feel humbled that my narcissism had translated into creative energy. That was the beginning, and it became a part of who I am today and I love being behind the camera

Swapna Peri: What is your dream destination?

Author: The whole world is immensely beautiful. It is the theme of my book too to embrace the extremities or contrasts we see in the world and feel the breeze of inclusiveness. I would like to set foot on as many places as I can on this earth and with my camera, I will be able to show how every place can itself be a dream destination.

Swapna Peri: Who is your favorite nature photographer and why?

Author: I do not have favorites. There are way too many amazing photographers in the world and some who haven’t even come to the limelight. I appreciate and get inspired by a great photograph irrespective of who has taken it. The art is more important to me than the artist.

Swapna Peri: Can you also mention about your other hobbies and interests?

Author: Most of the interests I pursue are a result of travel like hiking and blogging. I am an internationally certified Yoga Teacher and I see yoga as a guiding light to lifestyle. I do take time out to teach underprivileged girls from rural parts of India as I believe that educating a girl/woman can be a solution for most problems that plagues the world today. I am an engineer by profession, and I rise every day to create a level playing field with equal opportunities for all through the magic of technology.

Swapna Peri: What is your advice to the young and amateur female travel\nature photographers?

Author: Travel the world and it will touch and transform you for life. The best lessons for life are less in confided walls of a classroom but more in undisguised terrains.

Swapna Peri: You message to the people who plan to take up photography.

Author: The technical details of photography is important and is the easiest part to learn. When one is in love with the subject in the frame, the magic happens. What is captured is not the subject but the soul of the photographer in unison with the subject at that moment. Get behind the lens and fall in love with the muse in the lens, the gravity will do the rest.

Title: The moments I took a pause…
ISBN: 9789354465581
Amazon Link: Buy Now

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