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Honour or Disgrace – Choice is ours : Neha Singhal

ByNeha Singhal

Jun 7, 2021

India, a country with 139 crore people, who are different from each other with respect to their cultures, language and believes, yet united under one name called ‘Indians’. The beauty of India lies in its diversity. As an Indian, I feel proud of my country’s rich cultural heritage, valour and modesty.

The history of my country makes me feel thrilled. The intelligence which our Indian saints used to have in ancient times was invincible and even today is a matter of astonishment for the world. The ‘Sushruta Samhita’ written by Sushruta, an ancient Indian Physician and Surgeon of 6th century is considered the oldest text in the world on Plastic Surgery. Today he is known as the “Father of Surgery” and “Father of Plastic Surgery” for inventing and developing surgical procedures.

The distance between the sun and the earth which became known to the world in 17th century, was already calculated accurately by our ancient ancestor Goswami Tulsidas Ji and written in Hanuman Chalisa during 15th century only.

The invention of mathematical digit ‘Zero’ and ‘Heliocentric Theory‘ given by our great Mathematician Aryabhatta formed the base for numerous other inventions of the present times.

There are several other accomplishments which ancient India had made and we Indians may feel glorified with them. But, today the state of our country is different. Of course being the descendants of talented ancestors we are not less in intelligence and knowledge but somewhere we are lacking the essence to achieve something. It is pitiable to see that nowadays people are only committed to prove each other wrong.

India is one of the biggest democracies in the world. This means when stand united, we can be a threat to the world. But, it is awful that these days we have become a threat to ourselves. The time when India needs to show solidarity, people are only being opportunist. The instance of hard core black marketing of medicines and oxygen supplies during the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic was unbelievable. The blame game among the policy makers was also very disheartening.

As a common Indian, if I look at my country today, I feel worried. People who worship multiple Goddesses in this country do not spare even a single woman to live safely be her of any age. Why at such a tender age we have to teach our children about good and bad touch? Why every ordinary Indian is living under an unknown threat? Why can’t we feel safe in our own home? Why stringent laws cannot be made against all the ill practices that are prevailing in the society? Why there is no fear of law among the people? This depicts that our country is decaying. It is perishing every single day in terms of humanity and tolerance. Although, we got independent 74 years before, we are still prisoners of our own mentality. This is not the India for which our freedom fighters had sacrificed their lives for. They imagined a united India and not the one which is divided into pieces in the name of caste, creed, religion and politics.

India is a wonderful country with the blessings of Mother Nature in abundance. If used properly India can once again become a ‘Golden Sparrow’ and world would gaze at us again with perplexity. It is time for us to rethink from where we had started and where we are heading to. A country is made by its people. Instead of being a crowd of crores let us join hands to become a bunch of noble Indians.

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