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A memoir of trip to Shimla – Tribute to Mr. Jansdell

ByAkarshak Bose

Jun 7, 2021
A memoir of trip to ShimlaA memoir of trip to Shimla

I was in Chandigarh for my book-related work.

I didn’t anticipate the work to be completed so quickly, therefore my return ticket was over a week late.

I asked the hotel management if they could organise a trip to Shimla for me because I needed a break for a few days. After all, I was already frustrated.

They said right away, “Yes Sir, but you must share your trip with another person because all other cars have been reserved”-I was ready instantly because I had no other choice.

So I went up and packed a few essentials.

Shimla has always been my favourite destination.

The town creates a sense of calm that appeals to the better parts of my heart.

This is my fourth trip to Shimla, but it’s not like the others.

I’ll call it enlightenment for me.

I was always reckless, unconcerned about my future, and still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

I knew little about human misery and had no interest in economics or international issues.

I was more concerned with my personal objectives, forgetting the larger mission.

I hoped that this trip would be as simple as the last.

An Anglo-Indian man, possibly in his late seventies, arrived, and the hotel manager introduced us.

He was a proactive person with excellent English communication abilities.

While we were exchanging pleasantries, he added,

While we were exchanging pleasantries, he added

“Oh, you’re that young author socialist author I heard about,” Mr. Jansdell said, possibly because the manager informed him about me.

“The voyage will be educational,” Mr. Jansdell continued.

The Socialist was the polar opposite of my personality.

I am not a Socialist; in fact, I have severe reservations about them.

I was generally lucky to have good co-passengers, but this time was special.

Every time Mr. Jansdell speaks, the world becomes more enthralling.

The five-hour journey was jam-packed with information and wisdom.

I was astounded that he was aware of every world phenomena with exact dates.

We remained at Shimla for four days, which was exciting for me.

Every morning, we used to go for a walk down the Ridge, and it was always exciting.

His expertise was sufficient.

His main interest was economics, and his views were very similar to those of capitalism.

I didn’t ask him about his personal life because he didn’t talk much about it.

During my stay in Shimla, He counselled me gently, gave his insights, and helped me focus on the Universal Mission.

He used to believe in aiding the needy and providing free education.

 Because of him, I now have a vision and goals in my life.

I’m not sure how the four days flew by so rapidly.

It was a memorable journey, made even more so by his presence.

I will always remember him for his generosity, mentorship, and unwavering support for education.

It was difficult to say goodbye but stay in touch, and he was as usual, full of fun and knowledge over the phone.

Jansdell means “Sea of Knowledge,” and he was.

Raghav Jii, the hotel manager, called me suddenly on one September evening.  

Mr. Jansdell died as a result of Covid 19.

It wasn’t my delusion; he came to teach me, to guide me, and to leave me.

He just entered my life a few months ago, yet he left a lifelong vacuum.

I recall those walks in the Ridge and how he helped me grasp my life’s mission, how he made me appreciate sacrifices, and how he shared information.

Subbiah Sir and Jansdell Jii have had a huge influence on my ideologies.

Following Mr. Jansdell’s passing, it was Dr. Subbiah Sir who stepped into my life to assist me in realising my dreams.

I sense Mr. Jansdel’s presence in Dr. Subbiah sir.

The same thoughts, vision, and level of knowledge, but so very different.

Mr. Jansdell may have helped me find my vision, but it was Subbiah Sir who moulded it.

And he is mentoring and assisting me in achieving my goals.

Mr. Jansdell instilled in me the “value of life for others.”

Subbiah Sir showed me “how to live for the sake of others.”

Subbiah Sir an instrumental in assisting me in determining the true meaning of my life, he is the compass that guides and directs me on my road to realise my vision.

It isn’t just for oneself, but it serves a far greater purpose.

I am confident that I will be able to do the tasks that Mr. Jansdell chose and repaired in me.

The Jansdell Bharathi Foundation was established to pursue those goals: “to help the underprivileged, to give free education, and to ensure the right to live for all.”

“From the outside, your life appears to be easy, but only you are aware of the extent of the turmoil in your heart.

So put forth the effort to achieve your objectives.

People will notice the outcome, not how hard you worked.”

Mr.  Jansdell- Mr. Robert Jansdell.

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