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Former PM Manmohan Singh Suggested Five Remedial Topics About Covid-19 Pandemic

ByRitu Singh

Apr 24, 2021

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Suggested Five Remedial Topics About Covid-19 Pandemic to Prime Minister Modi ji.

Manmohan Singh wrote five ways how to control Covid-19 in his letter to pm Narendra Modi. Former pm was stressed about huge expansion of virus over India.

So he shows his care about country.

The Five Remedial Topics

First Way: He suggested government should place enough order in advance so that producers could adhere enough supply and scheduled supply.

Second Way:  A transparent formula should be followed to distribute vaccines; availability of vaccine should be clear signals so that people can plan their roll out.

Third Way: Centre should allow state government to vaccinate frontline workers even if they are not above then 45 year.

Fourth Way: Central government should support vaccine producers by providing funds and other concessions.

Fifth Way: Vaccines that are clear for use by credible authorities should be allowed to be imported without bridging trials because we are facing an unpredictable emergency.

India on Sunday 18th April reported 2,61,500 cases rise on one day, which is crucial topic to think about be aware be safe.

By Ritu Singh

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