Facebook Friend Request Scam

Cyber Fraudsters have developed new modus to trick citizen through fake Facebook friend request, this particular scam involves creation of fake Facebook account by downloading profile picture from your Facebook account, then sending out friend request to all of your friends in your Facebook profile. When your friends accept the requests considering to be genuine, then these cyber fraudsters requests for money transfer through Paytm or any other means on pretexts of an urgency like accident, illness, stuck during journey, shortage of money, medical treatments etc. In preview of the prevailing urgency, people transfer funds without any verification and become victim of cyber-Fraud.

Precautions from such frauds:-

1. Never accept unknown friend requests.

2. On being approached twice for same friendship request, please alert them.

3. Go-to Facebook Settings section and activate “Profile Picture Guard”

4. Always hide your Facebook friend list from unknown viewer.

5. If you are being approached for fund transfer, under similar circumstances; beware do not transfer funds without verification.

6. If you become a victim of Facebook friend request scam, immediately alert your Facebook friends through wall post to refrain from any fund transfer.

7. Immediately Dial 100 and inform the nearest local police station.

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