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Education during Covid Pandemic : Akarshak Bose

ByAkarshak Bose

Apr 27, 2021

Today’s education system is quite different, no more Schools or physical classes. Exams are either online or are getting cancelled.

This pandemic brought a new culture, in spite of having “Classes in School” we are having “Classes online”. Thanks to digitization which provided an alternative during this crucial hour. It is true that no parents will ever take the risk of sending their children to school, but on the other hand, they can’t compromise their future. So as the year rolled on, online classes became a necessity in order to continue the education.

A completely new methodology “online Education” with online classes and examination has come into our way but further along the way we failed to recognize the importance of this system, because deep down we are still stick to our old system of education, whose effectiveness is undoubtedly the best.

At this point of time in order to remain safe and to continue the progress there are no alternatives, hence is bound to adhere to it.

Online education doesn’t provide an equal opportunity. You can say everyone can experience the same by seeing the common screen but the refutation to this point is not so easy. There are several who still cannot afford a smart phone, there are thousands living in areas with a low bandwidth in other words, they have poor network. Is it justifying to march ahead while leaving them behind? Someone’s father or mother may have health issues or they could be frontline fighters in this pandemic, risking their lives to save others. Think about the mental stress the student will have. If he or she would have been to school at least his or her friends will be there, to uplift their mood. Ignoring the cost of data packs there can be technical glitches also every time we ask the same thing again and again, is this called providing equal opportunity to everyone?

This is new experience that we got, a complete online mode of education. From admission to classes, from placements drives to conferring degrees, from webinars to conferences but even though with the personal bond between faculties and students and the happiness of making new friends or the feelings of visiting a new place, there are things which we are really missing.

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