Is communism fit for globalization?

Is communism fit for globalization

Sharing of cultural ideas, technologies, contributions to economies and free movement of the people around the world is what we understand by Globalization, but during this Covid Pandemic, when our movement is restricted, we are witnessing how different countries are joining hands for sharing their knowledge and resources. Helping each other at the time of crisis is what Globalization signifies. International Organizations like WHO are continuously working on the data shared with them by various other countries. Day by Day, when new variants of Coronavirus are affecting thousands of people, these data are helping us by providing essential information. Even when countries are fighting together, few nations are concealing these critical pieces of information from us. It’s China, the birthplace of this deadly virus. From where it spread out to other parts of the globe. During the initial period, the Government of China adopted every means to hide the truth and didn’t provide significant information to work on. The nations were in dark and worked on assumptions to prevent the virus. And even after so many months there is no trustworthy data available for North Korea. Then how can we say, this is participation in Globalization healthy? Coincidently both are communist states, with one-party rule. Well, the idea of Communism is good, where the state controls everything but there is no place for one-party rule, where the state dominates everything. There is no place for those nations, who have shifted from the radical idea of Communism and redefined it for the personal interest of the few. Covid data are not only the case these nations are hiding. There are good number of reasons to suspect these nations are carrying out every cruel form of inhuman activities. Various incidents of minority genocide have been secretly reported. Torturing their citizens, forced labour camps and detentions, yet there is no public acknowledgement of their sins. Either there is no presence of international organizations or they are crippled. Even you can’t move freely in their countries. This isn’t fit for today’s world. Communism is to treat everyone equally, but what these nations are doing is, they are keeping politburo first. And this is not fit for Democracy in turns not fit for globalization. Thousands of innocent lives could have been saved by Sharing vital information related to Covid. As the entire globe is interconnected, we saw more and more nation falling. But this isn’t the fault of Globalization. It is a failure of the System. A system that has been modified by that handful of nations. Yes, there can be a place for communism, but no place for the one-party rule where people’s basic rights are taken away from them. There can be a place for communism but the state should ensure “A collective participation in globalization to make it successful and will help to contain the future crisis”.

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