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Book Review : The Tonic By Mayur S. Sarfare

ByThe Rise Insight

Jul 3, 2021

Genre: Political Thriller
Publisher : Leadstartcorp

About The Book

I believe in love, and I believe in God if the former is a metaphor.

Religion was supposed to be about love, goodness and kindness, but politics and shallow minds turned it into a weapon that has brought devastation to many regions of the world.

This book explores the above-mentioned subject. With a fictitious story of two socially uncomfortable people, Raem and Masher, the author is bringing to light a very important part of our life. They became friends and started comforting each other. They were living horrible lives when delectable chocolates appeared in their hands, removing all of their pain and transforming them into the person they desired. Suddenly, religious riot caused the fires to rage all across the city, which changed their lives. Now, in 2017, a militant organisation is rekindling the fire against the fire that engulfed cities 25 years ago. Reymberg D’Souza, a media magnate, is affiliated with this organisation with atheist ideologies and views, and Raem is being kidnapped by him.

Who’s Reymberg? What was his relation with Raem? Why he was kidnapped? To get the answers do not miss out on this fantastic novel, which will undoubtedly leave you with a plethora of thoughts and a heavy heart.

Not only is the narrative sophisticated and striking, but so is the writing style, with its rich vocabulary. When the plot begins to reveal, we are immersed in the characters’ anguish and the rationale that underpins their acts. The protagonist, or maybe antagonist for some, as well as the other characters and their stories, were all expertly crafted. The title is quite suitable, and the cover complements the plot nicely.

It explores themes and emotions such as love, loss, grief, retribution, courage, partnership and marriage, and, most importantly, atheism.It has deep concepts and thoughts & is a commendable work of historical-political fiction in general. Also, kudos to the author for tackling such a hard subject.
You should definitely read it if you enjoy polished prose and are not politically or religiously sensitive.

About The Author Mayur S. Sarfare

Mayur Sudhakar Sarfare, aged 30, is an Indian author. He is a Professor of Mass Media with a keen interest in creative writing. His range of subjects include Understanding Cinema, Content Writing and Media laws. He teaches at Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Arts, Science and Commerce in Mumbai. He began his career in Public Relations at India’s largest independent PR machinery – Adfactors PR, but a love for media subjects and cinema drove him towards academics. However, the childhood passion for writing continued blossoming, finally fuelling the idea for his first novel. He is an ardent consumer of metaphysics and philosophy. A man of powerful words, Mayur Sarfare is much sought after for the multitude of thoughts that spring from an ever curious mind, which he shares on Social Media platforms, urging people to sit up and think. His growing popularity stems from the way he perceives things objectively, without being judgemental.

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