Book Review : Why the Silhouette?

Why the Silhouette

Title: Why the Silhouette?
ISBN: 9789354462535
Author: Avijeet Das
Published in 2021

Sports play a significant role in developing the overall personality and mindset of a person and various important attributes which are necessary in handling the tough situations in life. The book “Why the Silhouette?” by Avijeet Das is a fictional story which revolves around the protagonist, Raghav and is woven around the world-famous sport of football. The readers get to witness the events, twists, and turns that feature the life of the protagonist and at the same time, his reactions and behavior in all these situations.

As the story begins with the sport being the first point of focus, the readers are already set on the streak of thrill that is to follow next. While the story unfolds, there is a parallel development of the lives of the characters too. The readers get to see them grow, evolve, and grow through the various ups and downs life presents to them. Setting the story 3 years earlier from the present, Das presents the story in “Why the Silhouette?” through the eyes of Raghav and through his pen directly. Basing his plot in different areas of the country, there is a distinct sense of Indianness and the smell of Indian soil that runs throughout the book.

Although football is a foreign sport, yet it seems to blend in effortlessly with the Indian blood and become a whole which appears inseparable close-knit. At the same time, the author keeps plenty of contemporary references whether it is to movies, actors, public figures, events impacting numerous people at large, which altogether makes the book relatable, and the readers are able to connect with it in no time. “Why the Silhouette?” being true to its title, holds a bigger picture beneath a plot that appears ordinary and regular. It is only when the readers try to examine it from a broader perspective that they can see the outline the forms a silhouette of the plot.

Although, Raghav is the spearhead of Das’ novel, there are other characters who make brief appearances and make their necessary contributions in building up the novel from multiple perspectives. Through Wasim, Karan, Sidharth and characters like Lavanya, the author builds up on people from different walks of life and shows the different shades, circumstances and problems of life which are not the same for anyone. Keeping this context in mind, the novel becomes significant from the sociological viewpoint too. Football as the sport remains in the background but in light of that, the author shows the lives of characters intermingling and crisscrossing at various points in lives.

While these characters show life of an average middle class family, they also bear the touches and strokes of reality which altogether makes the book both realistic and far away from far-fetched fantasy content. The readers who feel interested in reading content which carries a strong sense of reality and has the fine touches of a sport shaping lives should try reading Avijeet Das’ “Why the Silhouette?” In midst of this, the author develops themes like love, friendship, team spirit, brotherhood, lifelong bonds and how one incident can trigger or impact another in no time.

Das keeps the language easy and in the flow to ensure that the readers are able to have a grip of it in no time. At the same time, he keeps the plot closely-knit yet avoiding it to be too tight or leaving less scope for developments and loopholes. This keeps the readers excited and on their toes throughout the development of the novel. “Why the Silhouette?” is suggested to all the modern readers who want to read a work born from the depths of reality which bears resemblances and corresponds to life as a whole. While the book would find an instant appeal for younger readers, mature readers would find the world being examined from a different perspective which also leaves space for examination from their viewpoint.

The author takes his time in developing the characters by showing their lives closely and sharing all necessary details that are required in their construction and making them appear realistic. At the same time, he builds both the plot and the characters from incidents that form the fragment of the ordinary and yet seem extraordinary due to the manner in which the author treats them.

“Why the Silhouette?” as a title may for once baffle and amaze the readers simultaneously, but as they read through, it appears to make more sense and relevance and the readers altogether applaud Das’ choice of the title. In the light of this, this book is recommended to all readers, whether fiction or non-fiction readers as the author invites all to come and take a dive in his world and see it through the eyes of his characters.

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– Akhila Saroha

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