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Somdatt KumarSomdatt Kumar

Book: Vimal Mathematics
Author: Somdatt Kumar
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2021)
Total Pages: 237
Reviewed By: Neel Preet

“Mathematics is an area of knowledge, which includes the study of such topics as numbers (arithmetic and number theory), formulas and related structures (algebra), shapes and spaces in which they are contained (geometry), and quantities and their changes (calculus and analysis). There is no general consensus about its exact scope or epistemological status!”

Well, before starting the review of this academic book, Vimal Mathematics, it becomes very much obligatory to mention the full title of this book, which Author Somdatt Kumar has kept for his book. Well, this book can searched by the name VIMAL MATHEMATICS – Class X (Syllabus Based on CBSE, NCERT, Mathematics Olympiad, NTSE….) as well.

About the Author: Author, Somdatt Kumar is a Mechanical Engineer as well as a Research Scholar at Bihar Mathematical Society. He is someone who believes in deep thinking on any given topic. This book having written after a long thinking process, which is beneficial for the students of today’s generation in order to understand the mathematical concepts in an easy manner. The Author also has a very good knowledge of the Vedas. Author Somdatt always try to research something new in the field of mathematics. The thinking ability of the Author is special because he thinks almost everything by comparing the Universe and our surroundings. During his working period, many people and his friends said that he has become crazy; however, Somdatt ignored them and kept on focusing on his work only. Well, this great quality of the Author is something, which can make anybody a successful person. He can be contacted via email at: 2019somdatt@gmail.com

Book’s Introduction: The book, “Vimal Mathematics” by Author Somdatt Kumar is actually an academic textbook, which is basically based on the syllabus of various exam (e.g. CBSE, NCERT, Mathematics Olympiad, NTSE). The book is made in a new way and in which many new questions, concepts etc. have been included. In addition, the language of the book has also been kept very simple and easy; which can be read without anyone’s help. The student will not even need to make a proper notes. If one read this book properly, then in a short time they can prepare for various competitive examinations, which are mentioned in the title of this book.

Another very important thing that has been done in this book is that, all those useless things have been taken out from this book, which does not matter if they live or not. As all these things only put the students in the confusion, they do not have any special relation with the concepts. This book has been made free of all. Also this book has been made keeping in mind the competition levels of the future. This book is also beneficial for those students who wants to learn and do somethings in future but they have not a perfect mentor for this. This academic title consists of 16 Important Units, which are designed very carefully for the students and learners of the subject, Mathematics!

Readers’ Connect: Being an academic title, this book has been written for the students and the learners of Mathematics so even though this book is having a much selected audience, still it has made its mark to be useful for the readers. The manner in which the Author has carried out the writing is something that will certainly help the students and the learners. As tremendous efforts has been made from the side of the Author in simplifying the nature of the mathematical concepts in this book. The Author has ensured that even beginners can take up this book and carry out their learnings without the help and support of the experts.

In addition, those readers who are not the students of the subject of Mathematics can also take up this book for read. As the book consists of various basic and fundamental concepts, which we all need to know in our lives in order to gain a better understanding of the subject matter, which is bound to help us at various stages of our lives!

Book’s Verdict: If we will study the complete subject matter presented by the Author in this book, then one can easily conclude that of course the Book Title is very apt and suitable. The Author has very well justified the book title, as the subject matter presented in this book truly gives the all the required information, which a student needs in order to prepare for the various competitive exams.

Moreover, a book like “Vimal Mathematics” deserves a chance by the academic as well as non-academic readers since as readers most of us do not even have the very basic knowledge of the vital mathematical concepts, which probably are useful to us at everyday business our lives. Therefore, this book is a Must Pick one, and a big hand for the Author for presenting such beneficial mathematical concepts through his book!
Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9354467318/

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