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Book Review : The Incongruous Butterfly by Ravishkumar Patil

ByThe Rise Insight

Aug 31, 2021
The Incongruous Butterfly by Ravishkumar PatilThe Incongruous Butterfly by Ravishkumar Patil

Book Title: The Incongruous Butterfly
ISBN: 9789354463242
Author: Ravishkumar Patil
Publihser: Evincepub Publishing

Life plans a bunch of events for human beings but what makes it exciting is the fact that it remains unpredictable and the element of the unknown makes it altogether fascinating. When writers give words to this unpredictability, the world they create in their writings becomes all the more realistic and attractive for the readers. Such a world is created in the novel “The Incongruous Butterfly” by Ravishkumar Patil. Patil infuses the elements of unpredictability and the power of emotions, hence creating an interesting whole to both excite the readers and also try to predict what could happen next.

The cover of “The Incongruous Butterfly” sends out multiple signals of interpretation to the readers and because of the presence of distinct images, the readers are left wondering what the book would be about. Alongside this, the commencement of Patil’s book baffles the readers all the more and they are drawn towards the text instantly to read and find out what the title holds in terms of significance and what does the plot signify in itself. The rest of the work is done by the excerpts of Kavi’s diary where there is a direct representation through the protagonist about his life and all the happens in it. While it gives a direct representation to Kavi’s character through the different phases of his life, it also shows the people in his life through his eyes and connects the readers closely with him and them.

As the readers go through “The Incongruous Butterfly,” they get to see the powerplay of fate and how it pulls the strings of the lives of the people from any corner one could not even think of. For once, when the readers think they have it all figured out, the author twists the plot in another direction which makes the readers think on different lines again. This makes the readers stay engrossed in Patil’s book which may for once, have appeared ordinary. The readers realize soon that the book is no product of an ordinary creation, instead it is packed with imagery that invokes imagination strongly; taking them on imaginative strides of the past and present events and also the future. At the same time, the author also presents a fusion of human emotions and connections and their fragility, how ordinary life can also become extraordinary in no time, the selflessness that love, as an emotion can fill in a human being, and also the proportions to which crime can go to increase the misery of human lives.

The plot of “The Incongruous Butterfly” begins at a swift pace and has the readers in its hold right from the initial stages of development due to the presence of suspense and the author revealing just the necessary details. The speed goes through swings of getting a little slow when sections from Kavi’s diary appear. However, the author makes sure they are only instrumental in exciting the readers more and keep conjecturing of what would be packed in the plot next. While for once, they think they have understood the plot, there is more that they have to find out and the author ensures that they find it out at the right time. While the book introduces the concept of time travel in an innovative manner, it also takes the readers into a universe where any object can do wonders and change lives for the better or the worse. The subtheme which runs alongside is the exponential proportions to which crime has reached in the contemporary world in the name of development and modernization. It makes the readers ponder over the shameless and selfish behavior of human beings which spares none, not even the voiceless innocent. They feel resentment, indignation, and emotions of anger too at this treatment and just like the characters, they are desperate for a solution and hope to find something that would make the lives of the suffering innocents better.

The readers who like to read books that are both power-packed with action and a roll of emotions and also invoke their pensive side can get their hands on “The Incongruous Butterfly” by Ravishkumar Patil both for its unique plot and content which is different from the mainstream. The other attraction would be the length of the novel. The author chooses to keep it less voluminous and concentrated while tying up all loose ends and answering all questions without keeping the readers waiting too much. It also caters to different audiences where the book can be read by all readers, especially those who have an interest in reading books based on adventure being fused with anything the author’s imagination can create. Therefore, the readers should read the book to understand the incongruity that persists in “The Incongruous Butterfly” to comprehend and decipher all the said and unsaid by the author Ravishkumar Patil.

By The Rise Insight

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