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Book Review : The Blossoming Lotus by J P Desai

ByThe Rise Insight

Mar 12, 2022
The Blossoming LotusThe Blossoming Lotus

Publisher ‏: ‎ Evincepub Publishing (10 February 2022)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏: ‎ 198 pages
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-9354463761

A poetry book has the potentiality to grab the attention of hundreds if it’s written as a form of catharsis and not only jotted down in a rhythmic verse focusing only on rhymes and not emotions. This is mostly applicable on the poetries framed on the topic “love”! This book is written out of love for the spouse who is mentioned to be deceased. This book is not only a poetry book but deep emotions attached creating the ambience of true love.

Similarly “The Blossoming Lotus” by J.P Desai is a book where the poet shows his intense love towards his deceased wife whose absence he had made up with the effort of writing good amounts of poetries about love. The author’s emotional instability lasted about for months when he realised his pen can dance all over the sheets in remembrance of his wife and he managed to cope up with it somehow.

The book not only consists of poetries about love but also about patriotism, nationalism, secularism, social awareness, and great human values that were all inculcated during the author’s primary and secondary school days. With the gratitude and pride in the poets on such topics shows the author’s devotion towards his nation.

Poetries in the book holds t he diverse form of the society with different religions, castes, creeds, the languages, the dialects, costumes,

foods, cultures, the problems, conflicts, crisis, domination of politics, creating the large varieties of platforms for the genres,  always remain treasure of all sorts of scenarios for arts especially for the poetries.

The book also describes the beauty of Indian states merging from the north towards the South. The poem “kashmir ki kali”, depicts the most beautiful as well as romantic scenario created in Jammu and Kashmir which is often called Heaven on Earth on account of its breathtaking beauty. India’s northernmost state, Jammu and Kashmir draws in tourists on account of its majestic valley landscapes and splendid weather, on account of which the poetry is written romanticising all the beautiful eye-catching elements from the Dal lake and the hills surrounded by!

Everyone must have seen the love of Shahjahan and Mumtaz for whom the masterpiece “Taj Mahal” was built.Similarly in the case of Mr.J.P Desai and his wife, the book has been written and created not only out of love towards the deceased spouse but also because of the strength the author has gained to show his creativity from his wife’s support throughout her life. Therefore, the book is a must read since it has all the elements included in the form of poetries. From states to tastes, to different aspects of life and nature etc.

Thus,the book is dedicated to the author’s deceased wife which is shown as he quoted before the preface:-

“In loving memory of
Late Mrs Kamal
My Beloved wife whose
Scorching death agony
Has been the absolute cause of
The Blossoming Lotus”

By The Rise Insight

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