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One’s brain is a huge ocean, which has no threshold. We tend to make the best possible use of it, to deal effectively with the surrounding!

To understand life, struggle to ‘live it’ and not only to work to mend the future and settle as per the society expects one to do. Nothing in this life is permanent. One is a failure today and the other day he is known to be a legend like ‘M.S.Dhoni’.

The problematic scenario is the overthinking and hopeless mode which is switched on as soon as the hurdles hit hard! The solution to this is, thinking broadly, doing one task at a time and believing the personality which is being processed within a self.

Similarly, to have a wider thought and explore in a broad manner, the debut book “Soch Sanjeevani” by none other than ‘Mr. Vaibhav Pande’ throws you from the inferior zone to the level which is beyond anyone’s thoughts like never before.

It is definitely worth knowing that having a phase filled with struggles and then coming out with loads of success is the best way to inspire others to lead a life of superiority. To this context superiority doesn’t mean being rich and earn money to the fullest but to think richly and earn respect to the fullest. Mr. Vaibhav Pande being the CEO and corresponding founder of the twin win company which was being approached by him and his best friends has been a roller coaster ride. He has not only been a motivational speaker but also got recognized through different platforms such as “The Hindustan Times”, “India Today”, “The Times Of India”, etc.

The diplomatic personality has a very keen observation on life since the remarkable comment he comes up with is that life has just started.

Isn’t that a point to be marked? Where the most eligible personality who has achieved so much in life is still highlighting the factor that this is only the beginning?

Yes, true to this line “a person can both be an astronaut and a devotee” Science and religion can both be practised at the same time. Similarly a million of tasks can be performed and achieved throughout one’s existence if he/she makes up his mind to that extent.

Dropping the attention to the book, it must be said that this poetry book is the ultimatum to bring the one’s to the right track who are going astray. The book “Soch Sanjeevani” is framed to keep one’s eye and attention on life and happenings and help them proceed to lead with dedication and a perception to peacefully earn the factors included in the construction of life. To quote one of the authors quotation “If you have skill and have the will to perform something, no one can stop you from grabbing the opportunity”, trains those minds with less hard work and more expectations.

Books like these are attention seeking, since it does not aim at flowing with words to inspire but also wins the reader’s attention through the rhyming of the poetries which seems to develop interest throughout the word’s ride.

Every book has a story to tell and a moral to build up one’s mind and soul, but this book inhales the life experiences and exhales that particular experience to modify the thinking and building the wellbeing of a soul keeping beside the approval of the society. It’s not only a ‘must read’ book but also a ‘must purchase must read’ book.

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