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Author: Anubhav Anand
Review by Akhila Saroha
Book Category : Science Fiction, fantasy

A work of fiction that is a blend of diverse genres and characters from varying backgrounds gives the book a richness of its own kind and also keeping a reader excited throughout. A reader has such kind of an experience while reading Anubhav Anand’s blend in his book, “Grandest Revelation: The Exordium.” As simplistic as the title may appear to be, the book features a lot more depth and dealing with different themes and ideas of fantasy which not only ignites a reader’s imagination but also pushes it beyond boundaries. This feature helps in the book not being restricted to any particular genre or age group for reading.

While the cover of the novel is kept simple, it is eye-catching and thought-provoking at the same time. It does give the book the required flavour of grandeur and leaves the readers conjecturing about the author’s grand ideas that he would be sharing in the book. Anand’s “Grandest Revelation” follows the linear, chronological sort of sequence where he takes his time in introducing and developing his characters. He introduces the readers to them, their lives, their ways, and the manner in which they had been running their lives till the date they come together for one cause.

He shows how destiny can pull strings, and people end up together to play their roles in the grand design which had been planned for them well in advance. Altogether, while for once it appears that the characters are living their lives on their terms, the author swiftly brings the changes, and before the readers and characters even know, they are working towards a common goal. In the background, the plot develops at a speed that is according to the comfort of an average reader, and hence, the book remains open to be read by all readers.

“Grandest Revelation” has all the features to excite the readers. It has humans who are no less than superheroes owing to their being descendants of the stars, an upcoming battle to be fought for the betterment of all, the characters who discover themselves and the readers discovering them simultaneously, and the fact that they are a part of an extraordinary plan which has its foundation in their ordinary lives. The author uses all these resources to create a work that is exciting, thrilling, jaw-dropping, nail-biting, and well developed. This keeps the readers glued to the book quite effortlessly, and they have an exciting experience while reading it. For once, it may appear that the author wavers the plot from here to there in the initial phases of the novel, but once he introduces and develops his characters to the optimum, he gives the action the required speed.

The author may have spread his book in 40+ chapters in his book of more than 300 pages divided into 2 parts also featuring a prologue and epilogue, the readers who like to read voluminous texts would find a treat for themselves for sure. Even readers who are used to reading books of shorter lengths would find the book equally enjoyable since the manner in which the author writes keeps the readers entertained and on their toes because of the action and developments in the narrative. In addition, the presentation of a story that features fantasy elements and the unfolding of a grand design gives the plot a grand stature and grace, which is rare to be seen in books. Altogether, it can be said that all readers would find the book catching their interest in no time.

While the book shows the imaginative power of the author and the depth to which it can take a dive, it also shows his knowledge and the research he must have done to connect history and science and also the past with the present and predict its impact in the future using his insightfulness. The application of these aspects makes the work multi-dimensional and unpredictable. At the same time, the author does not crowd the book with too many characters. He keeps the characters limited and shows the events of their lives with patience and depth. It makes it easier for the readers to have a grip of all that is happening, and they are able to connect the events.

All readers who have an interest in reading a work of fiction based on fantastic elements which may appear to be science fiction at the same time can try reading “Grandest Revelation.” Also, the parents who want to introduce their children to the world of reading can try this book. In addition to touching subjects of mature level, the book also features characters that are no less than superheroes, something that excites children a lot. Therefore, all readers should try reading Anubhav Anand’s “Grandest Revelation” and see all the revelations the author has planned for the readers on the grand platform.

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