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Bestselling Author Shaheen Kazi Talks About Her New Book ‘SIZZLING WITH SHE 2 SHE’

ByThe Rise Insight

May 21, 2023
Author Shaheen Kazi

Shaheen Kazi is an Indian Author; being from Mumbai. She settled in Gulf (Saudi Arabia) for more than two decades. After perusing IATA, she focused on her passion for writing. Her achievements include six books, three anthologies, and many forthcoming projects. She is a versatile author. She also writes short articles for The Literature Times. Sometimes for a change, she works as a Reviewer at MouthShut.com. Her readers of all different ages always pick her books from any Bookfairs.

Tasnima Yasmin: Congratulations on the release of the book. Why did you choose to write a collection of short stories instead of a novel?

Shaheen Kazi: Thankyou Yasmin. ‘SIZZLING WITH SHE 2 SHE’ is a book that explores a range of emotions, consequences, and ups and downs in relationships. The book features a diverse cast of characters with varying ages and backgrounds. To convey this book’s diverse emotions and moods, I wrote ten different stories since it was not feasible to do so within the framework of a novel. At every level, readers can engage with the characters and their perspectives.

Tasnima Yasmin: What inspired you to write this book?

Shaheen Kazi:

For some time now, I’ve wanted to share my thoughts on LGBTQ issues. It seems that in our society, we are more comfortable discussing topics like sanitary napkins or condoms with our loved ones, but when it comes to the LGBTQ community, we tend to shy away. We should no longer feel ashamed to express our opinions and address this vital issue. I want to inspire readers to be more vocal and bring about positive change. So, join me on a truly captivating journey with SHE 2 SHE. It’s a ride like no other.

Tasnima Yasmin: How difficult was it to write about something that is a taboo in many places?

Shaheen Kazi:  As mentioned earlier, the game focuses on having the right mindset. As an author, my responsibility is to contribute to society through my writing. In today’s world, promoting open-mindedness and understanding among readers is essential.

Tasnima Yasmin: Why did you choose to write about lesbianism?

Shaheen Kazi: I’ve been to Europe and the United States and seen many LGBTQ communities living freely, doing their work in their respective areas, and enjoying their lives.While looking at them, I felt even in India, there must be lesbians, but do we see them? We’ve seen gay and transgender people, but have you encountered lesbians? I had not. Maybe some lesbians in India have to hide their sexual preferences under the cover or behind closed doors because they are afraid of family, friends and society. So somehow, I felt that I had to pick this topic and write about them, not for them but for humanity.

Tasnima Yasmin: What kind of study did you conduct for this book?

Shaheen Kazi: The most crucial aspect of writing a book is conducting research.Throughout my journey, I extensively perused several articles and blog posts and engaged in enlightening discussions with various individuals from the lesbian community.I keenly observed their nonverbal cues, unique ways of articulating their perspectives, and distinct lifestyles.I also talked about their sexual activities; a few were so generous that they spoke freely about their partner.

Tasnima Yasmin: Which of the ten stories in this book is your favourite?

Shaheen Kazi: You’re asking me to pick one favourite story out of ten. Each story is extraordinary and offers something unique to think about, so I can’t choose just one as my favourite.

Tasnima Yasmin: Tell us a bit about your interest in erotica, how it began and how you were introduced to it.

Shaheen Kazi: Who doesn’t care about eroticism; somewhere we all want to show that we’re good guys and good girls. We all had flown from Doordarshan time and staying in OTT platforms. The new generations are taking birth in web series time. The movie script and stories have changed, and the erotic genre is for modern mature readers.

Tasnima Yasmin: What are the other books that you are working on presently?

Shaheen Kazi: I’d love to share what I’ve been up to lately. I have a few ongoing projects that I’m always writing about. Over time, you’ll get to know them better.

Tasnima Yasmin: Is this collection a sequel?

Shaheen Kazi: It’s impressive to see how this trilogy is unfolding! The book series, starting with “Sizzling with Next,” creates an ongoing journey that had include “Sizzling with She 2 She,” and a third volume to follow. Each book contains ten stories that will captivate and leave you breathless.

Tasnima Yasmin: What is the USP of your book?    

Shaheen Kazi: It’s essential to me that my readers understand the value of “acceptance” and “respect”. These two ideas are crucial, and I hope they resonate with you as much as they do with me.

By The Rise Insight

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