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music blogging

As we had already discussed in our previous article about travel blogging, sharing travel experiences and making money with travel blogs.  Today through article I am going to share about the importance’s of music and what is music blogging.

Importance of Music:

In our fast moving and stressful life music is a way to escape of life, which gives us relief from pain and helps to reduces the stress which is good for mental health.

What is music blogging and MP3 blog?

An MP3 blog is a type of blog in which the creator that makes music files, normally in the MP3 format and its available for download. A music Blogger writes breaking music news stories to be posted on an online music blog. They are also known as music blogs, audio blogs or sound blogs. It can also mean podcasts. MP3 blogs have become incredibly popular since 2003. The music blog is something which focusing on different music genres such as rock, classical, or country. Its making people more aware about on artist and music events in a specific location such as individual state and country.  In fact, now a days any new artist or any new person can blog their music for free by following few easy steps. 

Blogging gives you a way to stick out in someone’s mind a way to frame your music and provide some context to what you do and why you do. The more people understand about what makes you tick, the more interested they might be in checking out your songs.  Now as we already know the work of a music blogger is to write breaking music news stories to be posted on an online music blog. They are also known as music blogs, audio blogs or sound blogs.

There are a lot of best music blogs in 2022 and the top 3 ones are :-

  1. Pitchfork
  2. Rolling stone
  3. Consequence

These are three most famous and best music blogs to understand your music taste. Lest understand them more deeply.

Pitchfork :

It is active for almost three decades and is now one of the most prominent music magazines in the world.  He is the perfect source of inspiration when looking for music of any generation.

Rolling Stone :

Another legendary music website and music (first published in 1967) that covers everything related to popular culture and music. recently, lats year the great legend of K- pop BTS become the front cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Consequence :

It reviews on music release, live music shows, T.V. shows and podcasts. It offers as incredible variety of topics. Consequence also hots eight different podcasts, including one exclusively about BTS.

How a person can earn through their music blogging and MP3 blog?

If you love music, you want to do something creative then writing content related to Music is great option for. Just explore more about your music taste and music knowledge. Cause writing and music is a great combo and if you are into blogging then its cherry on the cake, you have a lot to explore and to create.

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