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What did the BJP fail to understand in Bengal Election? – Analytical Reporting

ByAkash Basu

May 2, 2021
What did the BJP fail to understand in Bengal ElectionWhat did the BJP fail to understand in Bengal Election

Even though 3 other states also went for polling, all eyes were on Bengal. This is because “What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow”. Out of 4, the BJP managed to win only 2 states, Assam and Pondicherry. They lost the battle of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. But the most humiliating defeat came from West Bengal. With their entire machinery, the BJP camped in Bengal for days as if they were determined to invade Bengal. PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP chief J P Nadda, Chief Ministers and other leaders, didn’t leave any stone unturned. Thousands of rallies and roadshows were held, and millions of rupees were spent, but they couldn’t even reach the 100 mark. This is not because Bengalis don’t want communal forces to dictate them, but this is because the BJP failed to understand the emotions of the people. The people of Bengal believe in communal harmony. When the BJP tried to polarize the election by inducting Yogi Aditiyanath, who, in turn, promised an “Anti Romeo squad”, it neutralized the BJP’s promise of delivering “Sonar Bangla”. Moreover, the centre failed to implement CAA. This drifted their crucial minority votes from them, while Trinamool announced several schemes for the minority, and established themselves as a “Promise Keeper”. Even though the BJP blamed Trinamool for corruption, Trinamool’s lone soldier, projected the failures of the BJP in handling the Covid Crisis and alleged corruption in the PM CARES fund. She gained sympathy as the BJP with the entire state machinery was behind Bengal’s daughter.

The State leadership of the BJP misguided the central committee and recklessly admitted those who left Trinamool and even distributed around 150 tickets to those who have a gloomy image among the public and joined their party just before the state went to the polls. This again nullifies the BJP’s promise to “Corruption free Bengal” as the voters’ perception of those who left TrinamooL was clear, that they joined the BJP for their own sake. Trinamool campaigned for Vigorously, even comparing them with “Mir Jafar and Vivishan”. The BJP admitted several controversial leaders. They thought this would help them to gain the lead, but, in turn, it proved to be a bane. The BJP has been in power since 2014 in the centre and in 2019, the people of Bengal gifted them 18 seats in Lok Sabha. Irrespective of this, they failed to create an acceptable leader who can take forward the core ideologies of the BJP and can challenge the charisma of Mamata Banerjee. Even though there are many in Trinamool who are alleged to be corrupt, Trinamool asked them to vote only in the name of Mamata Banerjee, who has a very clean and humble background. “Mamata is the candidate for all 294 Seats”. She is Bengal’s Didi and if you taunt Didi, Bengalis will not forgive you. The BJP failed to understand her aura, which has an enormous impact on the people of Bengal.

While this election was critical for Mamata Banerjee, the BJP’s central committee could have delegated responsibility for the election campaign to its state committee. During the last phases, when the entire nation was tackling the devastated second phase of Covid 19. PM Modi and his leadership were busy with campaigns. This created an image that elections are their only priority. Whereas, during any crisis like Amphan and major fire accidents, people always find Mamata Banerjee on the road, fighting along with them. She takes everything in her hand whenever Bengal is in danger. This wasn’t a fight to choose local MLAs but the fight was to make Mamata Banerjee CM once again. She acted as a General in this fight to safeguard Bengal’s Pride and to protect Bengal from the invasion of the communal forces. And she succeeded in this. Probably the BJP failed to understand her capability.

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