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What Covid-19 taught us? – Dr. V Subbiah Bharathi

ByThe Rise Insight

Jan 31, 2022

As we confront several more months of the COVID-19 epidemic, the decisions made by the leaders – of governments, corporations, and other entities – have a greater effect on how we live and work than ever before. A new, worldwide, and the extremely infectious virus has brought new criteria for practically every decision we make, from taking our kids to school to going groceries to even the constant reminder to wear a mask. In this setting, we want leaders that inspire optimism, demonstrate accountability, and provide the groundwork for a new style of decision-making.

Collaborate and learn across boundaries.

While most of the globe remains geographically limited, the problem-solution required to solve this epidemic and its consequences must transcend national, sectoral, educational, and other borders. Leaders in all businesses must seek unusual and unusual methods to learn.

Humanize the other

Overseas assignments, lockdowns, and closings of schools have all had an impact on us, albeit in different ways. While some can deal with the stress and practicalities of a significant change in their daily lives, others are overwhelmed by unexpected unemployment, health issues, and acute isolation.

In uncertain times, practice humility.

While conventional leadership emphasizes the value of conviction, it does not often highlight the value of humility. Leaders are not omniscient, and the era of unwavering devotion to leaders is long gone. Many leaders have made the classic mistake of feeling their judgment is authoritative, as anti-discrimination groups have demonstrated.

Demonstrate the willingness to change.

This epidemic has taught us the value of adaptability, such as working from home while educating children, keeping relationships while socially separating, and devising creative methods to keep busy amid lockdown measures. COVID-19 has left very few aspects of our past existence untouched. The extent to which people’s lives are changing may generate mass burnout and dread, and it is a leader’s responsibility to set an example.

COVID-19’s consequences have increased existing dangers such as the environment, healthcare, and economy, but they have also exposed fresh systemic issues. The hopeful news of a possible vaccine to be provided in the following months raises the prospect of a post-pandemic future. Nevertheless, adapting to the new baseline will need strength and resolve, and the only way to rebuild better will be via fresh leadership ideas.

By The Rise Insight

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