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The Stressful State of Indian Education System

ByNeha Singhal

Sep 21, 2021
Indian Education SystemIndian Education System

“Pressure” this one word well describes the Indian Education System. The system which judges a child by his marks and not by his talent. The more you score, the more you become the star among peers, teachers, family, and relatives. But what about those who cannot score well and have something hidden in them that can make them shine with flying colours when appropriately nurtured. Why doesn’t the educational policy in India focus on cultivating children’s talent rather than putting pressure on learning numerous subjects along with different languages? Indeed these subjects and languages are the very basis of human education. Still, they should be imparted in a fun-filled manner that helps the children enjoy them rather than feeling pressured by these subjects, losing interest, and looking for an escape from studies. Education should not be imposed, it should be introduced as an indispensable part of life, and the onus for this lies on the shoulders of teachers and schools. 

Majorly the schools in India promote rote learning, which prepares the child to write their exams to score well, but it does not prepare the child to use that knowledge practically in the situations in which life bounces on them. In India, children are imparted with theoretical knowledge without any real-world implications of the same. Knowledge with practical associations can be better absorbed and applied throughout life. In the present times, when pandemic has brought in the culture of online education, the teachers can utilise this opportunity to transform the way of imparting education. Instead of maintaining the chalk and talk mode of teaching, they can use the technology to introduce a concept and make the class enjoyable. The first step in the teaching methodology should be to break the monotony of the course and make every child participate, be it an online or offline mode of learning. Even history can be made attractive with the use of the latest technology and visuals available online. These days we see various advertisements on television displaying apps that provide educational support to the children on paying a hefty amount. Why can’t this technology be adopted in every school of our country? When parents pay considerable fees to the schools, why do they have to opt for private coaching or such educational apps separately?

Parents send their children to school with utmost faith. They put in their best efforts to see their children educated and groomed in every possible manner. But, when the children are stressed with too much loading of subject pressures and sometimes ruthless behaviour by the competent authorities, the parents feel helpless. Undesirably they also become part of this system and keep pushing their child to work hard. So, ultimately who is the end receiver of all the stress? The child keeps on getting consistent pressures, and eventually, either he somehow sails through these pressures or quits the system, which is a miserable state. It is high time when the concerned authorities should consider and understand the gravity of stress levels in the Indian Education system and evolve steps to make education progressive with a balanced approach to develop a bright future for our nation.

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