The Hidden World: Witches by Elijah Edwin | Book Review

Ever thought about a different world in the deepest secrets of the dark oceans? Do you think there would be a hidden world with lots of secrets about the ocean? What if there is one? What will happen if there is a whole different world with different people living in the depth of oceans?

The Hidden World: Witches World in the Ocean revolves around such a plot. The book is written by Elijah Edwin and published by Evincepub Publishers. In the story, there is a witches’ world under the ocean, living a life full of anonymity from the outer world. Only the members of the witches’ world are aware of it, and to add more people, they start sending an invite to people. But hey, it’s not just any random ocean world. It has a purpose, a dangerous one. But what is the purpose of the other world? Can any power become more powerful than God? How will the people fight the evil intentions dressed as noble causes? A battle between good and evil. Who will win? Also, do you believe in reincarnation?

First of all, the characters in the book have interesting and scary approaches to different situations. An event started with evil intentions become eviller, and the way Lucifer was betrayed, proved that if something starts with an evil intention, it never gives heavenly results. The characters of Matea and Erinka are also interesting to read. Their emotions were perfectly portrayed by the author, given the situation they were in. Also, there were many characters in the book and most of them are well portrayed and well explained. The variety in the characters is also a plus point in the entertainment by the book.

Now, let’s talk about the narration. The narration of the book is very gripping as there are lots of dialogs to keep the reader hooked and entertained. The expressions of the characters, the curiosity, the fear, everything can be understood and felt just by reading the text. The best part is, even though it’s a science fiction novel, the story isn’t tough to understand at all. The writing style is very simple and engaging.

The exploitation of powers, ego, and greed have been the base theme of the book. The author has explained very well that if you act according to your ego, for greed and power, you surely face a tough time. Also, when you are courageous with good intentions, there will be magical powers helping you somehow. These kinds of lessons are perfectly explained in the book, which the reader will surely enjoy reading.

Witches World in the Ocean is a fantabulous science fiction mystery. The author has written on such a topic which requires lots of imagination and background research. Creating characters, working on magical powers, inculcating the fear and the emotions among the readers is a great job done by the author. However, the book is left in a cliff-hanger, stating that there is still fourth life left to complete the book. It will be really interesting to read how things end, who gets the powers finally, and whether the consequences will be good or bad.

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