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The power of imagination

ByThe Rise Insight

Apr 6, 2021

See it to believe it and imagine it to live it. The power of imagination is infinite. Infinity is beyond definite boundaries. It is the power to imagine that lends us wings to fly, to explore, to break open the shackles and let loose. Had it not been for the power of the human brain to fantasies and ideate, we would have been as primitive and savage barring all evolution.
 Knowing is learning and imagining is growing. Only imagination could bring revolution. And that it did, sufficiently proved through the pages of history. Every era of human evolution is marked with wildest of creative faculty, denied and opposed and gradually taking the mankind forward in leaps. One needs to be steadfast to cross milestones but someone inevitably needs to imagine, making further milestones so that successors travel farther.
An individual should be consistent yet inconsistent, rule bound yet exceptional, part of the regime yet away from it. Contradicting yet relatable, this is the irony of imagination. We have inherited the power of imagination from our predecessors and we better pass it on to our young ones. Let us and them traverse to touch new dimensions and heights.
All inventions and discoveries that we so proudly take note of,  are the result of imagination on the first instance followed by righteous efforts with perseverance. Imagination is not wild dreaming but dreaming awake in full consciousness or self actualized sub conscious. It opens multifarious opportunities to suit all individual needs and desires.
My mantra to my subconscious every moment of the day is,
“Imagination defies Logic and vice versa. Logic breeds Intellectuals and Imagination Genius. I was born to be a Genius.”

Article by: Sukomal Agrawal, The Literature Times

By The Rise Insight

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