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SHE – Women’s Day 2021

ByShaheen Kazi

Mar 8, 2021
The Literature Times

Man is born through a woman, is raised by a woman, falls in love with a woman, and marries a woman. And I’m surprised at the man who disrespects a woman.

Before anything – She is a human too, just like you.

She also has the same desires, dreams, and even the right to live exactly, how you live. Don’t tie her up just for culture’s sake. 

When she is born, she gets a golden cage with all the provided necessities. She receives all the love, happiness, protection and many good things, except for the right to choose. From her childhood, she is given manners/restrictions in the form of exercise to adapt herself very well in accepting things and circumstances without any regret or any objection. In her golden cage, only those visitors are allowed whom her masters have permitted. As she starts growing, she is being trained for womanhood, so that in future, when her master will change she will be capable of giving that happiness and making the other golden cage happy and fruitful.

How far are these things, right?

First, she is a daughter, sister, and then becomes a lover, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and aunt.

Where is her life?

What is her choice?

Where is she?

She is everywhere, in every relationship, in every responsibility, in every culture in every need. And the best thing she is only invisible to herself. She forgot her voice, her desires went into the dark hole, and her wishes got wings and ran away somewhere.

Our society thinking needs to be changed not just for some ‘likes’ or for some colourful ‘comments’, it needs to change in the right direction. So that each girl, each woman, gets equal freedom what she exactly deserves. She should be the master of her life, of her choices, and of course, you should respect her thinking in the same way as she respects yours.

She wasn’t born to serve you at the table or sleep with you every night, even though sometimes she doesn’t want to. Whatever she does in her commitment or any relationship, she does it because she loves you or loves doing it for you. Her love must be respected and understand how important she is to you or your life.

She can never compete against you physically, but emotionally, she’s way more robust than you. She has the strength to fight menstrual pain every month or deliver a baby with the traumatic pain she suffers from the nine-month of the challenging journey which you can never even be the part of that pain, what she goes through. Only she has the right to give the birth, and nature gives this right. Only to make some fools understand that never underestimate any woman’s strength or consider her dumb or useless.

A woman plays a vital role in society, in your life, in your family with different aspects. Stop toying with her feelings and taking her for granted. She also has a heart, a soul and sentiments like you.  

If there is a baby girl in your life, groom her with strength and always be proud to be your daughter’s parents. Give her the same rights to decide what she wants, guide her through each stage, but never underestimate her talent, do not curse her in her failures. Do not pressurize her to get married soon; give her that liberty to decide when she wants to settle down.  When the girl is born into your family, accept her with much love and blessings. She is the genuine gift of God. Only a few are lucky enough to receive it with passion and care and be ever grateful to the Almighty for making you the gardener of this beautiful flower. With your care and love, it will blossom continually in your life and fill your world with exclusive perfume.

Please do not give her a golden cage, give her wings to fly. Give her the right to make choices so she can shape her life wonderfully. She doesn’t need a master to control her life; she needs a soul mate where her rights are treated equally in all the ways.

Whether she is your mother, sister, spouse or daughter, please treat them with the same rights and respect.

 Doing anything for her do not consider as a favour. Don’t be the puppet in trolling her through jokes, just because your friends or surroundings are doing the same. Laughing on wife jokes, makes every husband happy by sharing through, Why You Men do not troll your mother? And then share and laugh in the same way how you do for wife jokes? Think about it!

 Love her, Respect her and the essential thing understand her in her high/low times. Give your ears to listen to her voice, give your warm hugs to make her feel she is your world; show empathy towards the womanhood.

A woman needs only three keys in her life:

Acceptance, Respect & Love.

Give these keys to her, remember by respecting your respect won’t fall; you will be much appreciated and admired positively.

A man is nothing without a woman because she is the one who fashions your formless life into a perfect family image.

If you are a son, thank your mother for being a strong supporter for you. If you are a brother, give your sister encouragement. If you are a husband, love your wife endlessly for being with you in all your outbursts. If you are a father, give your daughter strength and confidence.

Lastly, if you are not bound to one of these, then become a good man so that any woman will be proud to be with you in the future. And your mother will be proud of her womb.

Shaheen Kazi
Shaheen Kazi

Shaheen Kazi is an Indian author originally from Mumbai and has lived in the Gulf…

By Shaheen Kazi

Shaheen Kazi is an Indian author originally from Mumbai and has lived in the Gulf (Saudi Arabia) for more than a decade and a half. After getting acquainted with IATA, she concentrates on her passion for writing. Her accomplishments include two books, 'AGE WAS JUST A NUMBER' (Romance Novel) and 'CUPIDS ARROW' (Poems) and two anthologies and many other upcoming projects. She also writes short pieces in Literature Times. Being an enthusiastic poet, author, writer, and creative thinker makes her a little unique in what she does. Books have always been her best friend; libraries and bookstores have always fascinated her from a young age. Mobiles are essential, but for her, the book is a beautiful world to live within. She is a non-kindle reader, and she can never read any book on kindle. She doesn't go anywhere without a book. She sees herself as the luckiest to continue her dream of becoming a novelist/poet and working on what she loves most. She firmly believes in being somebody when nobody thought you could be. Besides writing, she loves reading, travelling, knitting and singing. She is excellent in her culinary skills too.

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