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SHAMELESS COLOUR : by Tejeshvarya Manivel

ByThe Rise Insight

Nov 10, 2021

Does everyone born with the same colour or does our mother womb carries a customized melanin option to choose the colour we want? The world has its colour in that we are the natured human process to live our lives in the own way we our!. The world has a different complexion of nature, so because we are judgmental of people by colour we can not change the colour of trees or clouds, and animals we see. Eyes we see through nature are beautiful in their way of colour then why colorism to ourselves!? yes, we are annoying the people who are dull and praising the bright people.

We are so judgemental about their religion, background, and country due to their colour. Nowadays the young generation and people are influenced by media showing the movies actors and actresses who are fit, royal, and having high complexion, By this, we are comparing the real ones with reel once in reality and praising the actress as a queen and angel, so because actress having bright complexion and advertising the artificial products can not make your skin complexion high.  We are living through a peak stupid society where exclusively judging people by colour.

We comment she is dark; she is tan or he is dull, who are we to judge them? “colour is just a colour” for only eyes. Don’t be shame to show your real skin color to society, be brave the world is in your hand. People who are making hearts no need colour, only their soul. Here no people are ugly by their colour, people are meant to be themselves by their colour and beauty to show them as like they are to the world, not to judge by other people. So because we are judged, we can’t increase our complexion by hiding our face with make-up or artificial products it’s wrong!! be with your beauty who loves you as you are.

Open your eyes and see the beauty and enjoy every color you see. Only the soul and heart we see are colorful. Colours to our eyes is to enjoy! not to judge humans.

About Tejeshvarya Manivel

She is an agriculture graduate and a nature-loving person who is interested in writing books and articles and she has been a part of anthology books like Dosthi, Wanderlust, Amore, Untold story, etc. She is a unique person and love her life in a asthetic sense and she is a creative minded girl.

By The Rise Insight

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