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Self Love : Just a small reminder by Srishty Verma

BySrishty Verma

Dec 14, 2022

Helloo, to all my readers. I know, I took so long to write something which is related to my core writing, self-love. I don’t know who need to hear this but it’s a small message to all of the friends’ around in the world, if you are going through a hard time or had a really bad day, if you feel of giving up on your own dreams.  Then this message is for you, my friends.

Sometimes life give us really unexpected chapters, which we never wanted to read but we have to each and every line and that’s what life is we don’t know what the next chapter will bring but can hope for the better future is something that will make us wise for tomorrow otherwise our past will ruin us.

Just believe me or not but the truth is that we hide our real self in the voice of others, You and I we all lost our real self in the sounds of others. First, we have to accept this fact that nobody is perfect in this world nobody and we deserve to love ourself so much that it radiates from very being.

The moment I realised, I saved everyone’s dream except my own and now I don’t even remember what I wanted so badly. And gradually I have felt a change in my own behaviour and the people around me. They started hating me and I started hiding me or I should say my real me.  

But I have to accept this reality that everyone cannot love me, because when there’s love, there’s hate we are not away from it.  Not everyone loves me, and I have to be fine that no matter what they think about me.  And after spending few years I have realised this one thing very well that when we love ourself especially deeply, we fill the void that we are often stuck waiting for others to fill instead.  Our love is complete in our own hands.  

I have realised that when we truly love our self than it will fill the voids within us that we don’t even know it existed. I know its not an easy journey for you neither for me.  My start was writing, painting and doing my own stuffs, my one and only dream and strength that protected me so far.

Its just a small reminder to all of you, if you are having a hard time and you can’t take this burden anymore then this message is just for you, my friend. Don’t feel you are alone and you can’t deal with this situation, you can and you will.  We never walk alone, and I have full faith is our self, in our generation and coming generation that yes, we can, and we will.

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