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Professor Vipin Gupta’s Metaphysics Digs Deep Into Mother Nature

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Feb 23, 2021
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In three just published successive books, “What Is Divine Energy,” “What Is Present Reality,” and “Is Present Reality,” Dr Vipin Gupta challenges the view that the Eastern wisdom, developed over thousands of years before the advent of the modern era, has little scientific value. In an interview for this story, he noted “even if the present reality is one where everybody believes that the Eastern cultural wisdom has little scientific value, once people become free of the bounds on their rationality inherited from the past, the future reality need not be the same.”

Vipin Gupta is the professor of sensible management and appropriate science at the California State University San Bernardino.  He has a Ph.D. in managerial science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is known for his work on culture, leadership, and strategic management. His latest works, named the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature series, are an in-depth investigation into the hidden dimension of Mother Nature.

In the first book of the series, What Is Divine Energy, Dr Gupta investigates the cell as a unit of life.   He breaks the cell’s development into thirty-three phases, in symmetry with thirty-three categories of deities identified in ancient Indian literature. He systematically explains each phase, showing how during the first eight phases, a cell produces thirty-six Eukaryotic initiation factors.  It releases thirty in the form of the Thymine-Cytosine-Guanine-Adenine rich Pumilio-binding elements for translating a Prokaryote without the cell.  It releases the other six for translating a Eukaryote within the cell.   These thirty-six initiate the natural growth of the thirty-six groups of entities, in symmetry with the thirty-six heavens of Taoism.    

The thirty-six entity groups are formed through paired interaction of the six entities, whose elemental dimension is immanent within the cell: phage, archaeon, bacterium, eukaryote, prokaryote, and the cell itself. These form thirty species groups, of which six constitute the primordial animals, twelve constitute the zodiac animals, and twelve constitute the astrological animals.  

The six primordial animals are the mongoose, elephant, deer, eagle, turtle, and cow.  The twelve zodiac animals are the rooster, dog, pig, rat, bison, tiger, rabbit, dragon, serpent, horse, sheep, and monkey.  The twelve astrological animals are the goat, bull, fox, crab, lion, gorilla, peacock, scorpion, cat, crocodile, dolphin, and seahorse. They correspond to Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces moon signs (zodiac) and sun signs (astrological) respectively.   In the physical realm, they are correlated with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Earth, Moon, Sun, Vega white star, and Dark Matter respectively.  

Professor Gupta’s research shows how the first ten phases empower a cell to localize the convergent energy of the entire cosmos for a profitable growth, which empowers it to enjoy oneness with the dynamic cosmic transformations and to trade them for potentiating supernatural development. Such development endows the cell with the power for managing the science, because the cell is able to produce many cells. Each cell is a unit of energy. Thus, the cell is able to create energy, transcending the limitations of the law of energy conservation.  

Through oneness with Mother Nature, a cell enjoys the power to produce six cells, by conceiving itself as a paternal, Mother Nature as a maternal, and differentiating itself into an octave of cells. Excluding the cells that constitute the primordial paternal, after the cell potentiates its octave potential, and the illusionary primordial maternal, its results in a six-fold growth.  Each of the two child and four grandchild cells trade and reproduce the paternal cell’s divine energy, which is the energy of the consciously “decided” planning of an “imagined octave,” which reproduces the paternal “virtue intuitively” for enjoying “natural excellence.” 

In an interview at Criticspace Journals, he notes that’s why the divine element (Divya), that is made up of the six letters, was considered a synonym of the time element (Kala) and the mood element (Bhava) in ancient India.   All these include the entire 360 degrees’ energy of the universe. 

In the second book, What is Present Reality, Dr Gupta investigates the metaphysics of the special theory of linear relativity, the general theory of nonlinear relativity, and the parabolic theory of chaotic relativity.  He meticulously shows how varying theoretical approaches to relativity are bound to one’s becoming a special immanent divinity (first ten phases), a general transcendental divinity (second ten phases), and a parabolic infinite divinity (third ten phases).  Becoming is Mother Nature’s paradigm for guiding each of her child to enjoy the varying dimensions of her present reality.

In the third book, Is Present Reality, Professor Gupta dives deeper into the dynamics of taking the space as an ideal with immanent divinity (first ten phases); making the time as an ideal for trading emanating, transcendental divinity (second ten phases); shaping the causation as an ideal for servicing the self as an infinite, primeval divinity (third ten phases); and exchanging one’s entity with an idealized para entity to be a primordial deity homolog of the nurturing Mother Nature (last three phases, manifesting a natural, devoted circular divinity as the goal of one’s life). 

The three books are a revolutionary effort by Professor Vipin Gupta to make the current generation realize about the potential which we are carrying within us and the divine methods of using our potential in order to lead towards the paths of self-development, growth, progress and a happy life for us and the coming generations in the future as well.

All three books are of ~550 pages and are available worldwide in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats.  They are also available on Amazon in a shorter, In A Nutshell edition, with paperback and kindle unlimited formats.

Article By: Neel Preet, The Literature Times

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