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Apr 23, 2024
Bhawna Kumari

With over two decades of dedicated experience in the world of Learning and Development, I’ve had the privilege of delving into the intricate art and science of effective learning. My journey has been shaped by a deep passion for understanding the nuances of human cognition and emotion in the learning process. Throughout my career, I’ve not only developed cutting-edge training programs but also mentored countless individuals, guiding them to unlock their full learning potential.

What sets me apart as the ideal author for “AIM High: Unleash the Potential of Effective Learning” is my profound belief in the transformative power of attitude and emotions in the learning journey. This book is not just a compilation of strategies; it’s a testament to my years of research, hands-on experience, and a genuine desire to empower every reader with the tools to master the art of learning.

I am not merely an author; I am a learning enthusiast on a mission to revolutionize how we perceive and approach learning. With a proven track record and a passion for empowering others, I am confident that “AIM High: Unleash the Potential of Effective Learning ” will not only be a book but a catalyst for personal and professional growth for every reader. Join me on this transformative journey, and together, let’s AIM High and unleash the potential of effective learning.

The Rise Insight: Author, welcome to The Literature Times. Congratulations on the publication of your book! What feedback do you get from your readers? Please share your thoughts on this book.

Bhawna Kumari: Thank you for having me, and I appreciate the warm welcome. It’s truly an honor to be featured in The Literary Times. Since the publication of ‘AIM High: Unleash the Potential of Effective Learning,’ I’ve been fortunate to receive a lot of positive feedback from readers. Many have expressed how the book has transformed their approach to learning and equipped them with practical strategies to enhance their academic and professional pursuits.

The feedback has been incredibly encouraging, with readers highlighting the clarity of the book’s concepts, the effectiveness of the learning techniques, and the overall impact it has had on their learning journey. It’s been rewarding to see readers apply the strategies outlined in the book and witness tangible improvements in their learning outcomes.

I believe what resonates most with readers is the book’s evidence-based approach and its emphasis on understanding the underlying principles of effective learning. By demystifying the learning process and providing actionable insights, ‘AIM High’ empowers readers to take control of their learning and unlock their full potential.

Overall, the feedback has reinforced my belief in the importance of effective learning strategies and the value of equipping learners with the tools they need to succeed. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and insights through this book, and I’m excited to continue supporting readers on their learning journeys.

The Rise Insight: What motivates you to become a writer?

Bhawna Kumari: I’ve always been passionate about education and empowering others to reach their full potential. Becoming a writer was a natural extension of that passion. I’m motivated by the opportunity to share knowledge, inspire others, and make a positive impact through my words.

The Rise Insight: We were hoping you might tell us about some of the authors who have influenced you and whom you read!

Bhawna Kumari: Some authors who have deeply influenced me include Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Kahneman, Barbara Oakley, and Terry Sejnowski. I admire their insights into human behaviour, learning, and personal growth, which have inspired my own writing journey.

The Rise Insight: The title is unique and appealing; how did you come up with it? Please tell us the story behind it.

Bhawna Kumari: The title “AIM High: Unleash the Potential of Effective Learning” encapsulates the essence of the book. I wanted a title that conveyed the idea of setting emotionally charged positive mindset and striving for excellence in learning. It emphasizes the importance of aiming high and unleashing one’s full potential through effective learning strategies.

The Rise Insight: What are your achievements so far? Tell us something about your writing career.

Bhawna Kumari: One of my notable achievements is the publication of “AIM High: Unleash the Potential of Effective Learning.” It’s the culmination of years of research, writing, and refining my ideas on learning and personal development. My writing career has been focused on empowering readers with practical tools and insights to enhance their learning journey and achieve their goals.

The Rise Insight: What is your current goal in writing a career? How do you see your future in writing?

Bhawna Kumari: My current goal is to continue writing books that make a positive impact on readers’ lives. I aim to delve deeper into topics related to learning, personal growth, and productivity, providing readers with valuable knowledge and actionable strategies. In the future, I envision expanding my reach and influence as an author, reaching a wider audience with my writing.

The Rise Insight: Do you have any other novels in the works? Please keep us updated on your future endeavors.

Bhawna Kumari: Yes, I’m currently working on a new book that explores the intersection of creativity and learning. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project and more upcoming endeavors in the future.

The Rise Insight: How do you view Indian writing in the twenty-first century? What changes do you see in today’s writing style? Do you feel it has changed over time?

Bhawna Kumari: Indian writing in the twenty-first century has evolved significantly, embracing diverse voices, themes, and storytelling techniques. There’s a greater emphasis on authenticity, inclusivity, and innovation in today’s Indian literature. The writing style has become more dynamic and reflective of contemporary issues, catering to a global audience while staying rooted in Indian culture and traditions.

Book Title: AIM High: Unleash the Potential of Effective Learning

Publisher: Astitva Prakashan

Order Book: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9358383097/

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