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‘Marriage in Heaven: A Social Drama’ by M K Devidasan – Book Review

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Feb 16, 2023
M K Devidasan

“Marriage in Heaven: a social drama” by M K Devidasan is a novel that explores the themes of love, family, duty, and sacrifice through the lens of Wing Commander Krishnan, the protagonist. The novel takes us on a journey through the life of Krishnan as he navigates the challenges that come with the unexpected death of his father and the loss of his family’s factory. Through the story, we see how he is forced to take on the responsibilities of supporting his family and how he rises to meet the challenges with determination and grace. At the same time, the novel also introduces the readers to real life situations that may not necessarily be as we plan and may have a turn of events that would change their lives for good.

One of the strengths of the novel is the rich character development of the protagonist, Krishnan. In “Marriage in Heaven: a social drama,” we see him grow from a carefree young man to a responsible and caring individual who is willing to put the needs of others before his own. Through the story, we see how he navigates the complex relationships with his family and friends, including his ever-helpful uncle, retired Deputy Superintendent of Police Mukesh, and his undying love for a lady doctor from a different religion. The author does an excellent job of capturing the emotional struggles and triumphs of Krishnan as he learns to balance his duty to his family with his personal desires and beliefs. This struggle to maintain a balance while also keeping his desires in check and in control makes Krishnan a realistic character that is genuine, caring, concerned and driven towards the betterment of the people around him.

Devidasan’s novel also explores the themes of love, family, and sacrifice through the relationships between the characters. The bond between Krishnan and his sister’s children is especially touching, and we see how he is willing to put their needs before his own. While this is a less appreciated aspect in the real world, “Marriage in Heaven: a social drama” makes the readers ponder over the sacrifices that people make for them and relate this with the world around them. The love story between Krishnan and the lady doctor is also well-crafted, and we see how their love must navigate the challenges of different religions and societal expectations. Despite all odds, their silent battles on an individual level reinforce the faith of readers in relationships and the effects that constant efforts can have. Through these relationships, the author shows how love, family, and sacrifice can bring people together and help them to overcome even the toughest obstacles.

Another strength of the novel is the rich cultural context in which it is set. The author does an excellent job of capturing the cultural, religious, and social norms of Indian society, and we see how these norms play a role in the lives of the characters. By the infusion of religious clash in the novel, the author depicts the true sense of Indian life and attempts to write the stories of the many who have suffered in the name of religion. Through the story, we see how tradition and customs shape the relationships between characters, and how the characters themselves must navigate these cultural norms in order to find happiness and fulfillment.

This battle despite all odds is another defining feature of “Marriage in Heaven: a social drama.” Every individual has their share of struggles and hard work. But their desire to keep going in the face of challenges becomes the highlighted feature. The author depicts the title through the novel and shows how marriage as a social institution is prone to all kinds of social drama, despite its being harped upon as a the joining of two souls in union.

“Marriage in Heaven: a social drama”  is a novel that will resonate with readers of all ages and backgrounds, and is highly recommended for those who enjoy stories about love, family, and sacrifice. The situations depicted by the author are closely related to life on the whole, inspired and deeply rooted in it and often remind the readers of its unpredictability. In that sense, the tale can be perceived as a tale of love, a work of social cause, a silent revelation of an individual who happily accepts everything while keeping his needs aside. At the same time, Krishnan also becomes a representative of the many who, just like him, keep their lives on hold for the well being of others close to them. While this is a characteristic which is routine in the lives of men and women, it mostly goes unsaid and unsung. The novel will make the readers think and look at the world from the perspective of a handful of those people as everyone will find someone around them.

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