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Is One China policy threat to the world? – Akarshak Bose

ByAkarshak Bose

Jan 3, 2023

When China annexed Tibet the entire globe was silent. Now China is breathing on India’s neck, and with each passing day the matters are turning more complicated- Dokhlam, Galwan, Tawang. China’s tendency is to frequently claiming the land of others. They are growing desperate to accuire more land by force. As the year rolled on the sovereigntyTaiwan and Hong Kong is under threat.

 However, the cases of Taiwan and Hong Kong are not the same. Both areas are culturally identical to China, yet they are obligated to be a part of it owing to diplomatic recognition. The dilemma for Taiwan arose when nationalist troops were forced to retreat to the island of Taiwan following a devastating loss and established their seat of government there, while the Communists formed the People’s Republic of China on the mainland a tense Communist regime with no transparency.  Both sides claimed to represent all of China. China’s governing Communist Party has warned to use force if Taiwan ever formally declares independence, but it has also chosen a gentler diplomatic path over the past decade. When the lease on the New Territories of Hong Kong to the United Kingdom expired in 1997, China advocated applying the principle to Hong Kong in negotiations with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher over the future of Hong Kong. The premise is that, notwithstanding the implementation of socialism in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, which were colonies of the United Kingdom and Portugal, respectively, can keep their existing systems with a high degree of autonomy for up to 50 years after reunification. What happens beyond 2047, on the other hand, has never been made public. This is what we’re referring to. China did not keep its promises of transparency. The issue is not limited to these two places. This is also causing problems in Macau and Tibet.

The Chinese government has increased repression of Christian churches around the country. These activities include the destruction of crosses, the burning of Bibles, and the closure of churches. Christians are often made to sign paperwork in which they renounce their religion. The goal is to assure the Chinese people’s devotion to the Communist Party, which is atheist, by removing any hurdles to its influence over people’s lives. Uyghurs face a major threat as well. Huge numbers of Uyghurs are being jailed and forced to “transformation via education” in Xinjiang, China’s westernmost province. Thousands of people have been imprisoned in camps encircled by razor wire, where they have been detained for weeks or even months in what opponents characterize as indoctrination, generally with no accusations. The same thing has been happening in Tibet for decades, but the world prefer to remain silent, When Potala Palace was falling and yelling for help, no one stood for them. China is constructing a fascist empire outside its boundaries, with trade and loans paving the way. Poor nations take advantage of the promise of Chinese-financed infrastructure projects. However, when some falter and the cost of Chinese finance rises, beneficiaries of this supposed help begin to question the long-term cost, and, as a result, China’s meddling in their domestic affairs rises. Consider the atrocities committed by China and Taiwan, which were refused any support from the rest of the world. China has gained the most from international policies that have exiled Taiwan to the diplomatic wilderness. Much of the world, including the United Nations, does not recognise Taiwan as an independent country. However, even in its isolation, Taiwan has not lost all of its advantages. It retains its robust economic and cultural distinctiveness. They have not submitted to China, and yet this little island is facing a massive dragon on its own. The One China Policy is a danger. Indeed, we can expect a conflict in the near future to liberate Taiwan and Hong Kong if China attempts to limit their freedom. It might be a commercial war or a biological conflict (like Covid19). The One China policy endangers not only neighboring nations, but the entire world. As a result of this ambition to capture territories and spread influence via force, the globe has witnessed numerous conflicts, yet the globe is enabling China to steal territory from its neighbor by following improper methods. If China occupies Taiwan, the US would lose control of the South China Sea, and there would be no regional power to challenge them. If China takes control of the sea, it will be a tremendous setback for world trade. If it is not controlled today, it will become a major issue in the future. Economic sanctions will be ineffective, but utter isolation will be far more effective in controlling them. Direct war would be a stupid decision, but the entire world should work together to oppose this dictatorship that resembles Hitler’s. The One China doctrine allows democracy to flourish, but it also drives democracy into authoritarianism. The entire globe will be in jeopardy.

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