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Interview with Piyush Goel (Dadriwala) Author of the book “Sochna to Padega Hi”

ByThe Rise Insight

Jul 7, 2022
Author Piyush GoelAuthor Piyush Goel

Publisher ‏: ‎ Literatureslight Publishing
Language ‏ : ‎ Hindi
ISBN‏ : ‎ 9788194397953

About The Book “Sochna To Padega Hi”

The book contains 110 motivational quotes by Piyush Goel. Mechanical Engineer, Motivator and Mirror Image writer, since 2003 to 2015 Piyush has written 16 books in Mirror Image format, which includes Shri Bhagwathgeeta (English & Hindi), Madhushala (using needle), Panchatantra (using carbon paper), Geetanjali (using mehendi cone), Sai Satcharitra (English & Hindi) and Piyushvani (using nail). Piyush has written a book with a needle, which is the first-ever book written using a needle. Piyush has published 3 books already, visit: www.piyushgoel.in for more details. Piyush has written a book with a needle, which is the first-ever book written using a needle. Piyush has published 3 books already, visit: www.piyushgoel.in for more details.

Lets talk with author Piyush Goel :

The Rise Insight: What was the thought behind your creation of writing a book with needle? An absolutely amazing and exceptional thought. How did this come to your mind?

Author Piyush Goel :This idea came in my mind all of a sudden, before this book I have completed ShreeMadBhagwad Gita, when the people saw that book they appreciated it but most of them questioned that how is it possible to read the book, after lot of thinking an idea came into my mind that why should I not write a book with Needle in Mirror Image. You can easily, reverse the page, read it and there will be no need of Mirror to read because words are easily readable.

The Rise Insight: When did you first realise, you wanted to be a writer?

Author Piyush Goel: I am passionate about Mathematics, I have done lot work in Mathematics which I wanted to publish and in 2010 my first book published and from there 7 books have been published, it is all about published book and if we talk about hand written book that came into existence in year 2003.

The Rise Insight: How long does it take you to complete the book, “सोचना तोह पड़ेगा ही”?

Author Piyush Goel: It took me almost one year and it is a book of 110 Motivational Thoughts.

The Rise Insight: What was your work schedule while writing this book?

Author Piyush Goel: It is a book of Motivational thoughts and daily I used to write a thought (within 24 hours), being a salaried person I managed accordingly.

The Rise Insight: What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Author Piyush Goel: One of the writing quirk that I have is that I listen to slow music everytime I write. It really helps me being creative with my writings.

The Rise Insight: What does your family think of your writing?

Author Piyush Goel: My family has been supportive throughout the Journey.

The Rise Insight: How many books have you written?

Author Piyush Goel: 17 books with Hand and 7 books have been published & 3 about to publish in coming time.

The Rise Insight: Do you hear From your readers much? What kind of things do they say?

Author Piyush Goel: When the readers hear about hand written books, first they appreciate, they ask for Autographs and selfies and if we talk about “Sochna to Padega Hi” asked for share few Motivational Words.

The Rise Insight: What do you think makes a good book?

Author Piyush Goel: Book Title, Book Cover and the content which you are going to read it is as per you interest.

The Rise Insight: As a child,What did you want to do, when you grew up?

Author Piyush Goel: Really, I wanted to be a Pilot, but did not succeed, I also wanted to be a professor, did not succeed, then Mech Engg, Succeed, but now known as “Mirror Image Man Of India”.( By Media)

The Rise Insight: Any tips, that you want to give to the upcoming writers?

Author Piyush Goel: Yes, Discipline and Dedication are the two keys and always keep a Pen and Diary with you, nobody knows when an idea struck into your mind.

Thank you.

Order this book from Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/dp/8194397952/

By The Rise Insight

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