Interview with Neetika Maheshwari Kasat Author of the book : 5000 Years Back

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ISBN: 9789356733510
MRP: 230
Page: 149
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

About The Author:

The author has a few professional qualifications and runs an international corporate advisory business. Having spent more than a decade in the USA, she has further firmed her beliefs in the age-old Indian teachings, Gita shlokas, and other valuable treasures of knowledge. Now staying in Hyderabad with her family, she is trying to learn more about ancient Sanatana values, culture, and heritage.
A strong believer in our ancient scriptures, this is a first attempt to translate Krishna’s teachings into a light teenage conversational book. She loves reading to her son and other children. The author is a strong believer in Vedic Astrology and committed to performing any services for the benefit of society while guiding people by way of Jyotish. One has to go through miseries if one has taken birth on this planet, but mankind needs to understand the science behind Karmas and make this journey contented, even while walking on the path of thorns.
From her birth city, Ujjain, to having seen both the Western and material sides of the world, having achieved material success, and even earning a reputation as one of the successful entrepreneurs, the author is inclined to spend more and more time diving into the ocean of vast ancient knowledge which helps in finding one’s true self. This treasure, scientific and logical, is meant to be enjoyed by all. Let all of us learn together.
Quite enthusiastic towards life, her interests range from philanthropy to start-ups, reading the Bhagwad Gita, to playing golf and guitar. A nature and animal lover by heart, she is committed to Lord Krishna’s teachings.

About the Book:

An interesting exchange of dialogue between two young friends, which is based on 5,000 year old conversation between Krishna and Arjuna from India epic Mahabharata. It is agreed by many well renowned scholars of the world that everything in life becomes immaterial if one can really understand and live Gita. This book is an attempt to translate the teachings of Gita in today’s realm with an aim of connecting modern youth to the age old life principles. An attempt to impart the true meaning of our existence. This divine knowledge is timeless- it held true millions of year back and is true even today! All eighteen chapters have condensed the entire truth of the universe and is presented beautifully in a simple conversational form between two teenage friends! Settings and dialogues connect to a large extent with today’s youth.

When a deadly boxing game is about to begin, the story makes the most unexpected turn, putting a lot on stake!

Interview with Author Neetika Maheshwari Kasat

1. Congratulations on your book. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Neetika : Right from childhood, I had been attracted to the path of spirituality. Like any other person, I also completed my professional education of being a Chartered Accountant, Lawyer and a USA based Certified Public Accountant with the intention of having a comfortable financial life but the passion to understand the meaning of life still kept haunting me. Running an International tax advisory firm, being recognized as a successful entrepreneur at various forums, I have tasted material success but not satisfied with the spiritual journey I have had so far. I am forever be a student of spirituality.

2. Can you share what inspired you to write “5000 Years Back” and delve into the timeless wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita in a modern context?

Neetika : It started with a simple thought of how can I make a story like version of Bhagavad Gita so that my teenager son can read it effortlessly. Making a teenager read through the original texts and sanskrit shlokas was a bit of difficult task and thus the step taken to summarize the content in a very easy and practical language. This can be a starting point and once the youth understands the gist then the idea is to introduce more high level summary of Gita.

3. The format of your book, presented as a conversation between two friends, provides a relatable entry point for readers. Could you discuss why you chose this narrative approach and how it enhances the accessibility of the Bhagavad Gita’s teachings?

Neetika : Teachings of Bhagavad Gita were based on the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna  right at the battlefield when it was time to get on the ground and fight but how Arjuna kept getting more into depressive thoughts and was swaying away from his duty to fight.

Gita is a manual for life – as they say it’s better to do ones duty imperfectly than to do someone else’s duty perfectly. We all have a role to play and let’s try to put in our best foot forward. By no means Gita teaches us to be uncompassionate but it does tell us that our duty is above everything.

4. Your book emphasizes reconnecting today’s youth with age-old life principles. What challenges did you encounter in translating ancient wisdom into language and concepts that resonate with modern audiences?

Neetika : There were lots of challenges. Concept of re-incarnation is not acceptable by a significant section of the society. Thought of having spiritual planets which can’t be observed through telescope is again something modern science may not accept. The science behind eating pure and simple food and how it effects our mind, body and soul was again a bit difficult to explain.

5. “5000 Years Back” delves into fundamental questions about existence, purpose, and the journey beyond. How do you hope readers will engage with these profound themes, and what impact do you envision your book having on their lives?

Neetika : Yes, these are very profound topics but are fundamental to our existence. This is the real knowledge about life that one should carry always as every other material things will go through the change but what was true 5000 years back is still holding true even in modern times. Why are we here? What gave us the body and form that we are into? What is the aim of the life is something one should definitely question about in their life time – at least once , else there is no difference between so called intelligent human vs animals.

6. The simplicity of language and practical applications in your book make the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita accessible to a wide audience. Can you share with us how and at what age are you acquainted with the epic?

Neetika : I got acquainted at a very early age as having discourses on Gita was almost like a daily routine during my childhood days. I retained the interest and started discussions with various other learned people and started reading different books during my high school days. Life took me to USA and got busy with career, job, family but somehow that quest to know more stayed back. I started reading again and while living in USA, I realized that people in west may need a very simpler version which just gives them an insight into the main teachings of Gita and that’s how the idea took shape.

7. What inspired you to write? How did your experience as a professional Chartered accountant\entrepreneur help you understand the importance of ancient texts? How smooth is the transition?

Neetika : I strongly feel the message from Gita is for the entire mankind and it’s not bound to any belief or religion or cult. This a simple manual on how to live life. I strongly feel, anyone who understands the real meaning of life or even if they get some teachings of Gita, that person can never get into depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts which we see very commonly happening in the world around us. These days we have very low acceptance and very high expectations and that’s the root cause of all our miseries. Principles are same whether its work life or personal life. As a CA and an entrepreneur also, I come across many disappointments, losing of investments and things just going south leading to losses. How to face those situations, fight till the last possibility and finally surrender the results in the hands of the Almighty.

Lives would be very simple if we take our work as duties and put away that “I” or “me” thought that leads to big egos and makes us think we are the owners of everything. Yes, we have to put our best foot forward but results may or may not be up to our expectations. Let’s accept it gracefully.

9. Did you find any change in your thinking process after you finished writing this book?

Neetika : Thinking process is more or less same. Publishing the book only meant thoughts being shared. But the recognition and praise that was received tells that there is a need for this piece of wisdom. Biggest happiness I get when a  young person comes and tells that I have read your book. Reader may or may not have understood but just the fact that the reader tried to get closer to teachings of Gita thrills me as the seed has been sown and when the time is right, may be that reader may again want to dive in more.

9. Few words to our readers.

Neetika : Question yourself – you take birth, get good education, make career and family, earn and save a lot , enjoy life through vacation , parties etc. and then get old and pass on your wealth to the next generation. That’s something even animals do.. is there anything that we need to understand better? Can we get away from greed, lust and anger which we experience almost every day and try to find bliss and everlasting happiness? There is more meaning to life which is beyond the likes of Insta or FB. Let’s experience that once. Human life is extremely precious, let’s not miss this opportunity to know more.

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