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Interview with Arfat Khan Author of the book Embrace The Super Human

ByThe Rise Insight

Jul 29, 2023
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Interview by : Neel Preet

About The Book:

This book outlines the author’s journey from human to super human. From the old self to the higher self. A journey that began with deep misery and pain. It goes through the much spoken about experience in the spiritual and mystical world “The dark night of the soul”, unveiling the higher self on the other side and embracing the super human. With a dedicated curiosity of what shifts in the vary being during this powerful but heart wrenching experience, the author unfolds the science of this magical transformation in the most simplest ways. Connecting the dots between mind and matter, and understanding the new age science that explains “feeling is the prayer”, this book will help you manifest a life tuning into your highest potential in the light of well proven scientific research and studies. Blending the powerful art of psychotherapies with personalised meditations, this book will help you carve your way towards achieving all that you desire in time less than you can imagine.


Can you please share your experience about making your work into the form of a book?

The book covers a big part of my journey from old self to my higher self. From rock bottom to touching the skies. Technically the first quote in my book was the very first quote I wrote in my life and that was years before I even thought of writing a book. During my sabbatical phase I ran in to a mystery of curiosity to know what was the reason causing a massive shift in my physical, mental and spiritual states. It took months to understand what the heck is really happening. These experiences made me dive deep into the world of quantum science, theology, psychology, mysticism and meditation. It took me years to comprehend the biological shift that happened and that is when a purpose in life hit me hard. My only desire was handing out this knowledge to every one suffering on the path of suicidal trauma and misery, and guide them towards meeting their higher self. With the newly found purpose in life, I designed three of the most powerful programs for self-transformation called Embrace the Super Human, Awaken the Superhuman and Arf Master Coach Certification. “Embrace the super human” focuses deeply on the understanding that “feeling is the prayer” and helped countless people combine the art of NLP therapies and Personalised meditations to create some of the most powerful feelings to attract and manifest all they desire. There are countless stories of my client’s manifesting wonders by tapping into the power of their heart’s energy field. As I understood the power of this basic program that I designed I decided to compose this knowledge and wisdom of self-transformation into a book that can reach masses. 

What inspired you to write this book? What was the impetus behind this work of yours?

The energy force behind this book was inspired by some very well-known and also anonymous people. If I have to put this out in the right way, most of my learning and wisdom came from experiencing it first, then later understanding it. The biggest sources of inspiration that I have even today have been the biggest sources of confirming what I comprehended during my journey in mystical ways. I would rather say, when I finally met MC square (E=Mc square) and understood that it was the E that I experienced. The work of scientists and authors like Gregg Bredon, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Joseph Murphy, Norman Cousins and the famous Indian Mystic Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and the ancient Sufi mystic Jalal Uddin Rumi still brings a level of ecstasy to my mind. The rolling impetus was combining the knowledge and wisdom from ancient civilisations to the modern world in the most layman way so that it can be comprehendible for the common people.

You have given a very interesting title to your book, which is very catchy too so, what made you go for this title for your book?

Well, the title of my book came from my level one program as we spoke earlier, I will tell you why I titled my level one program as “Embrace the super human” and level two as “Awaken the super human”. When one marches on their journey of inner exploration and self-transformation, over stepping the stair of first embracing what the human body can do or perform, and focusing directly on awakening the highest potential can come with a hefty price. The first ever case of meditation going wrong happened first hand in my experience years ago and that is when the power of meditations struck me hard. In fact, that one experience was enough to help me understand, if a meditation done in a wrong way can harm someone so bad, a meditation done in the right way can permanently liberate someone from their wheels of misery. That is why, as the medical practitioners swear their anthem, meditation practitioners should swear their anthem of not taking their students directly to master level meditations. Embracing the super human abilities in us is what gives us a peak into our highest potentials and prepares our mind and body for harnessing higher fields of energy and once some one has embraced their highest potential, its time to ignite it, its time to awaken it to the infiniteness of this existence.

Now you know the title of my second book as well!

What was your mindset, while working on this book? Is it based on any particular experience of yours?

The basis of this book coming into existence was something I learnt very differently. It is based on a very popular but dreadful experience a lot of philosophers, mystics and now scientists talk about, “the dark night of the soul”. As I say to my clients, “if you have heard about this phrase, you might have tasted a bit of this experience” and there will be a lot of you who can connect with this understanding on an experiential level. As I was dug in the depths of curiosity for outlining the massive shift in my body and mind during my phase of transformation it directed me towards the work of a famous scientist, Dr Joe Dispenza. It explained what happens to the human mind when it goes through mystical experiences or an awakening and what movements happen in the brain and the pineal gland. That is when it all made sense and I understood how the brain produces these chemicals that makes one super human. I outlined the breathing pattern that triggers these chemicals to produce in the human body and this breathing pattern of hard inhale and hard exhale in its own variation is taught in many different schools of spirituality. This gave birth to something new that I never learnt or read anywhere, the pattern of breathing we initiate, while we are crying intensely for prolong hours and days on end, is the same that is practiced in these schools of spirituality (of course not crying) for awakening the kundalini energy or the chi energy or the ka or call it the life force energy. This is a revolution to ones understanding that our pain, cries and misery was never to break us down, but was for a new being to be born in the same body or the death of an old-self. Not many make it out alive after this experience leading to suicides and trauma deaths, I realised this as my purpose and help people walk by these experiences alive and come out on the other side, full of life.

What are some of the learning that you gained from writing this book?

Firstly, learnt the power of writing, the power of reaching out to masses and expanding my horizon of touching more lives. Writing this book also surely taught me how to maintain a balance of words between masses and individuals. As far as learning wisdom from the book is concerned, I think it helped me cherish all the baby steps I marched on at the beginning of my journey and to recent. It helped me feel all the good and bad that happened in my life and cherish it as nothing less than a spec of perfection. It truly made me realise how important and beautiful was the dark night of my soul.

Next, I would want you to tell us about some of those writers who had inspired you and whom you follow?

As we spoke earlier, scientists like Gregg Bredon, Dr Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton have been my inspiration and teachers in the field of quantum science and microbiology, they have authored some of the best-selling books worldwide like, The Divine Matrix, Human by Design, Becoming Supernatural, You are the Placebo, Biology of belief and more. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasu Dev has been on the forefront of my spiritual longing and his work goes as deep in my heart as the above-mentioned scientists. Authors like Norman cousins, Paulo Coelho, Dr Joseph Murphy, Rhonda Byrne and Robin Sharma have also been a big source of learning and inspiration for me as well.  

Is there any message you would like to convey to your readers? Or any piece of advice to your readers out there?

In fact two piece of advice, the first is register the phrase, Feeling is the Prayer, become conscious of it and you will see your life change for the best. Imagine if you feel every day that you are worthless, ugly, unsuccessful or unhealthy, what are you creating for yourself? More of all that you feel. The master game or being super human is to go beyond your human nature of feeling misery in cycles of compulsion and becoming a creator of your own life consciously.

Second, meditation is a service to humanity first then you, imagine someone being a jerk in their head and how many lives would they hurt and destroy being one. If you like to be a good citizen of this world, be a meditative citizen. You might be saying huh, meditation never worked for me! That is when I say, you haven’t found the right meditation for you that suits you and your energies. Just like you may never find the right medicine off a google or YouTube search engine is because, a trained medical practitioner personalises your medication to suit your body and need. For people who haven’t felt the power of meditations and its transformation yet, I invite you to connect to my team and help us design and personalise a meditation that suits your energy and need.

Are there any others books being worked by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

I am certain you know the title of my next project by now. It is titled “Awaken the Super Human” which will take my readers on a journey of awakening their highest self, using the power of different breathing techniques and meditations. As embrace the super human was a level one program and book, the meditation and therapy techniques where purely focus and awareness based. Awaken the super human will be a book that will be more spiritually inclined and will involve a different level of mind-altering techniques and energy based meditations with eyes both open and closed, while walking and sitting. Basically, this book will teach readers how to fully imbibe and awaken a meditative life and be conscious creators of their lives.

Thank you for answering all my questions. All the very best to you for future and your books too! 

Thank you and wish you a bright future!

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