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India will have 80 metric tonne oxygen coming out for the crisis, from Saudi Arabia

ByRitu Singh

Apr 26, 2021
India will soon have 80 metric tonne oxygen coming out for the crisis, from Saudi Arabia

The second wave of Corona has affected India the most and cases of infections are increasing rapidly every day. In the era of this epidemic, the thing that has caused the most damage to the country’s health system is the lack of liquid oxygen. Many people have lost their lives due to the lack of it. In order to eliminate the shortage of oxygen in the hospitals of the country, the central government has decided to import it from other countries, in which Saudi Arabia has given great help. Saudi Arabia is supplying 80 metric tonnes of liquid (liquid) oxygen to India.

80 MT of oxygen is being shipped by container in collaboration with Adani Group and Linde Company. On behalf of Saudi Arabia, the Indian Mission in Riyadh tweeted this gratitude to the Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia.

Let us know that in India, more than 300,000 new corona virus cases are being reported every day continuously for some time. This is the reason that hospitals in many states are struggling with lack of medical oxygen and beds. To counter the increasing demand for oxygen in the country, India is contacting various countries for the purchase of containers and oxygen cylinders under the ‘Oxygen Friendship’ operation.

By Ritu Singh

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