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How to increase online sales from Ecommerce store without purchasing any ad plan

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Jul 31, 2022
How to increase online salesHow to increase online sales

The concept of advertisement is not today’s. The advertisement industry had dated as early as in 1841 where the first official advertisement industry had commenced with Robert Palmer. And even today, advertisement in businesses is an integral part to boost its sales and increase reach, so much so that businesses cannot even think about not having ads in some form or the other. Established businesses take the longer route with advertisements, they promote their businesses everywhere and invest a substantial amount into it, whereas if possible, even the small businesses invest quite a bit behind ads through social media ads or so, as much as they can afford to. But what we’re about to tell you here are the ways to generate sales from ecommerce stores without ads. Yes, you heard that right! The methods are full proof and practical, and so without further ado, let’s get into it.

These are most effective ways to increase online sales:

1. Provide Multiple Payment Options :

In terms of how they actually pay for products and services, consumers now have more options than ever before. You may encourage customers to give you money by providing more payment choices, such as newer services that are growing popular on mobile. Including all of these options in your site’s optimization might be a headache, but it’s a terrific way to boost online sales, especially if your site has a significant amount of mobile visitors. You may add multipal payment options like; UPI Payments, Debit and Credit Card Payments, Net banking Payments, Cash on Delivery etc. This will help to increase sales from Ecommerce store without purchasing any ads plan.

2. Mobile Compatibility is Very Important :

Today, the majority of Internet traffic comes from smartphones. If your online business is not mobile-friendly, you might lose out on some significant purchases. Mobile users are more than desktop or laptop users. Today maximum people order their products or buy any service from online stores using smart phones. So, make your website as mobile compatibly. So that you don’t miss any customers. And everyone can easily buy your products or services. The mobile website for Amazon is a brilliant example of how mobile commerce may be done.

3. Impress Customers with Follow-Up Email :

Email marketing still has a lot of untapped potential to increase e-commerce purchases. A robust email list may aid in consumer targeting and retargeting with a significantly higher conversion rate. Emails have much higher click-through rates and consumer acquisition potential than social media sites. Make sure you have a polite, intelligent, truly helpful follow-up system in place for new consumers if you want to enhance online sales volume. You may send email or text notifications to your customers about your upcoming programmes, offers and discount on your products. This will help to increase online sales from ecommerce websites.

4. Introduce a live chat feature or install a chatbot :

Chatbots and other intelligent systems are great tools for conversational marketing and customer service in e-commerce. Chatbots don’t merely assist clients or pose straightforward queries. They also foster consumer connections and carry out extensive two-way contact. Chatbots can be used by e-commerce companies to ease product purchases and respond to client questions. To increase interaction rates, you may also offer your e-commerce chatbots “human names.”

5. Reduce the cost of delivery as much as you can :

Customers sometimes forget about shipping costs until they reach the checkout since so many prominent shops offer free delivery. According to research 70% of customers claim they remove things from their shopping cart because of hidden costs like shipping. Build shipping expenses into your items wherever you can to provide free shipping. If you can’t do that, think about giving free delivery with a minimum purchase or stating the freight cost up front.

6. Learn how people locate your shop using analytics :

You should make good use of your time and marketing resources. You may more effectively target your marketing efforts by utilising analytics tools like Google Analytics to see how consumers who make purchases locate your shop. For instance, if a blog article about healthy eating drives a lot of traffic to your cookware business, you should create more material on that subject. It would be worthwhile to spend more money on advertising if Facebook advertisements account for practically all of your sales.

7. Answer Every Questions of Your Customers :

Your customers are your best promoter. If they are asking or inquiring any question related with your brand and products or services, reply them quickly and solve their queries or problems within a time period. Similar to this, consider every possible objection a prospect can have to your offer and anticipate how to address it in your content. This could sound impracticable, but keep in mind that you’re just providing prospects with the information they need to make an informed decision.

8. Show Customer Testimonials :

Customer feedback has never been more crucial than it is in today’s social media landscape. Fortunately, this implies that one of your most effective tools in your arsenal—testimonials—can come from your contented customers.

Make sure you add raving testimonials and reviews from your ardent brand evangelists who rave about how fantastic you are since they are far more persuasive than even the best-written sales copy. These could show up on your price page, product pages, landing sites, or even home page. Visit my post on the influence of customer testimonials for more information.

9. Money back promise :

If you’re just getting started with an online business, this can prove to be particularly helpful since you have not gained people’s trust yet. People are skeptical when it comes to online business, you should know that. There are many scams online and people are also unsure about getting exactly what they’re demanding. Money back guarantees come to the rescue here. They will build trust and will help your business grow forward. It is also true that people are easy to take advantage of such policies, so put forth some policies and t & cs while letting them avail such an advantage. But overall, money back promises are an underrated policy to improve ecommerce business because like we all know, both the businessman and the customer shall care about money first. Nobody wants to lose money to unnecessary, unworthy investments, once you assure your customer that nothing like that shall happen, only then is the customer even willing to check out your products because they know that they are safe with what they are paying for.

10. Email marketing for the win :

Every businessman is aware of the potential of email marketing for increasing sales and boosting enormous growth. Good part about ecommerce business is that you can personalise gifts, greetings to your customers through emails and who doesn’t like that! You can use emails to help with loss aversion marketing techniques. Rest about email marketing, we already have an in depth article on how it can boost growth of your business, be sure to check that out.

11. Know your customers :

With the advent of several products in the market today, you have to know especially well what your customers want. IP geolocation uses technology to determine the location that your buyers come from and it may offer you with the information you need to know while determining your products, considering taxes and setting your prices. For example, in countries like India summer clothes go a longer way than flurry coats, so for an ecommerce business too, things like this should be kept in mind.

12. Product reviews :

Celebrities or influencers as we see on various social media platforms like IG and Facebook are ready to offer reviews of the products that they have been sent. This is also a pretty effective way to increase sales since such public figures do have a lot of fan following.

13. Instagram marketing :

All of us here know that Instagram is a booming online marketplace. Starting from small businesses to established ones, it is home to all. People during the pandemic have increasingly started selling and also buying from Instagram. Recently 38% of the people have said that they are most likely to buy products from Instagram. You may attract new clients to your shop and foster customer loyalty by continuously providing information on social media that is appealing to your target market.


That was a lot of data to process. But it’s not necessary to try out all of these strategies right now. Start by completing the necessary on-site chores, such as making your online shop user-friendly and mobile-responsive. Then consider developing email lists, social media marketing and promotion, and sophisticated chatbots. Increasing online sales requires ongoing learning. The more innovative and forward-thinking you are, the more likely it is that you will outsmart and surpass your rivals.

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