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Genesis of Ram Rajya: A New Chapter in India’s History

ByAkarshak Bose

Jan 23, 2024
Ram Mandir Ayodhya

Jai Shree Ram,

Today, as the beautiful Ram Mandir stands tall, it marks not just the end of a wait but the beginning of a new era for India. In the year 2010, as the verdict of the Allahabad High Court on the Ram Mandir dispute was announced, I sat with my grandfather, watching a press conference that would forever be etched in our memories. The court had divided the disputed land into three parts, marking the beginning of a new chapter in India’s history.

My grandfather, a man of unwavering faith, sighed and said, “Hey Ram, Kotodin Tabu te thakbe Tomake ki Mandire dekhte pabo konodin?” – (How long will you stay in a tent? Will I ever get a chance to see you in a temple?) It’s been 11 years since he passed away, ultimately his prayers and the prayers of billions had been answered. Today, Shri Ram resides in a magnificent temple, and the nation celebrates the culmination of a journey that spans centuries.

As I journey through different states in recent weeks, I discern an authentic and jubilant atmosphere. There is a palpable spirit of celebration in the air. People are dancing, rejoicing, and coming together to mark this historic moment. It’s as if Diwali is being celebrated once again, and there’s a collective sense of joy and festivity. This celebration extends beyond the immediate revelry; it signifies the dawn of a new era. People are experiencing a profound sense of belonging, commitment, and patriotism. It’s a momentous occasion to celebrate, for Shri Ram is not merely a deity; he is Marayada Purusuttom, the epitome of righteousness, the personification of virtue. He transcends time as the yug purush.

Today, every Indian seems to have embodied the spirit of “Ramay,” symbolizing a collective alignment with the values and virtues represented by Lord Ram. It is a moment of unity, shared joy, and a reaffirmation of our cultural and spiritual heritage.

“Jai Shree Ram” is no longer just a political slogan; it is a resounding proclamation of India’s commitment. It symbolizes our collective power to correct historical blunders and the triumph of justice over time. The echoes of “Jai Shree Ram” will now resonate not just within its walls but throughout the nation, shaping the destiny of a resurgent India. “Jai Shree Ram” is no longer just a phrase; it symbolizes India’s commitment and its ability to rectify historical injustices.

The journey to the Ram Mandir did not commence with the demolition of a disputed structure but dates back much earlier. It started with the Ram Rath Yatra led by Lal Krishna Advani jii, court verdicts, and the unwavering commitment of Modi Jii. These were the mediums through which Lord Ram chose to reclaim his rightful place.

Today marks the end of 500 years of waiting, of sacrifices by millions, and the prayers of a billion. The rebuilding journey began with the demolition of the temple itself, and now, with the completion of the temple, it hasn’t reached its fruition yet, it will end with the establishment of Ram Rajya, after revealing the true faces behind the facade of false secularism, and this is just the starting of Indian resurgence. The significance of this moment goes beyond religion; it symbolizes unity, justice, and the restoration of a cultural heritage that endured centuries. Today, as we enter a new phase in Indian history. The historical timeline of India will now be divided into two distinct periods – Pre Ram Mandir and Post Ram Mandir. The pre-Ram Mandir era encapsulates the struggles, conquests, dynastic falls, invasions, Mughal atrocities, and British rule. Pre Ram Mandir encompasses the trials and tribulations our country faced. It encapsulates the struggles for independence and the 76-year journey of India.

The post-Ram Mandir era, on the other hand, signifies a new beginning – a journey toward becoming Vishwaguru. Post Ram Mandir will narrate our story of strengthening the foundations of democracy, commitment to society, a new vision, and a robust foreign policy. It will guide us on the path of economic development and set the stage for the re-establishment of Ram Rajya – a golden age of virtue, prosperity, and righteousness.

Jai Shree Ram

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