“Fundamentals of Warehousing” by Dr. B. Meenakshi Sundaram, M. Meera, Dr. K. Rajesh Kumar, and Dr. R. Sugirtha

Fundamentals of Warehousing

“Fundamentals of Warehousing” by Dr. B. Meenakshi Sundaram, M. Meera, Dr. K. Rajesh Kumar, and Dr. R. Sugirtha is a comprehensive guide that seamlessly blends academic expertise with real-world experience. The authors, with their extensive backgrounds in Marketing, Financial Management, and Industrial expertise, bring a unique perspective to the world of warehousing.

The book is not just a theoretical exploration of warehousing principles; it is a practical journey through the authors’ collective 45 years of experience in diverse fields. Dr. B. Meenakshi Sundaram’s insights from Pharma and Academics, Dr. M. Meera’s financial management specialization, Dr. K. Rajesh Kumar’s industrial and teaching experience, and Dr. R. Sugirtha’s well-rounded background make this book a valuable resource for both students and professionals.

The authors’ ability to translate their hands-on experiences into academic knowledge is evident throughout the book. The inclusion of successful new product launches, distribution channel management, and sales force deployment in South and East India adds a practical dimension to the content.

Furthermore, the book reflects the authors’ commitment to research and innovation, as evidenced by Dr. B. Meenakshi Sundaram’s patents in the field of Management and Dr. M. Meera’s book on “Green Marketing Concepts, Literatures, and Examples.” Dr. K. Rajesh Kumar’s recognition with the Best Teacher Award and extensive involvement in training programs for SMEs, schools, and colleges underline the practical applicability of the book’s concepts.

Dr. R. Sugirtha’s active participation in conferences, Best Paper Presentation awards, and contribution to journals enriches the book with a research-oriented perspective. Her industrial, research, and teaching experience add depth to the content.

“Fundamentals of Warehousing” is not just a theoretical guide; it’s a treasure trove of practical insights and academic knowledge. The authors’ collective expertise creates a holistic learning experience, making this book an invaluable resource for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of warehousing.

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