Enigmatic Womanhood

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This year, 2021 we are celebrating Int’l Women’s Day on the theme of #ChoosetoChallenge.

‘Choose To Challenge’ affirms everyday women are responsible for their own thoughts and actions and they challenge the world. This theme further signifies women can opt to challenge gender bias and inequality in the world.

So while this women’s week is going on and before you are flooded with all sorts of festive messages and motivation, I would like to share some thoughts on this enigmatic, puzzling, bewildering womanhood to ponder.

So when we talk and demand equality and equals in this world, do we have ever thought about this, why we women don’t pay equality and equal stature to ourselves in this gender divided world!

Wherein we are competing and fighting for gender parity, but then why we have completely forgotten & ignored ourselves in this role equality struggle!

Are we first treating ourselves with equality that we are expecting from the opposite gender to embrace?

Are we embracing ourselves with genuine heart, emotion, feeling and soul?

Then Why every time we have self-doubts about our age, looks, weight, body shape, height, skin tone, hair quality, nails growth, shoe size, eyebrows thickness,  teeth gap, thin lips, bulging breast, belly fat and the list will go on because insecurities and confusion are endless!

The pressure to be correct and perfect is an excruciating pain but still, we bear it in the name of Beauty.

In the name of perfection and to be calling ourselves as ‘Beauty & Best’ we are ready to go to any extent even to have a dance with the Beast! But do we really want it? Do we really need it?

When was the last time you say ‘No’ to the person or situation that actually drains your energy and emotions? When was the last time without conflict you let go of things that you cannot control or not meant for you! When was the last time without seeking external validation, likes or comparison you were happy with yourself, just the way you are, imperfectly perfect! When the last time you don’t do anything that was doesn’t feel right!

When were you completely happy being alone and spend time with yourself without waiting for someone else! When you said no to gossip or bashing when from the inside you felt it was wrong! When you did something just to please yourself!

Sometimes it is not a talk or fight about gender equality… It’s about expectations and validations seeking from others, but not looking at yourself first!

The best part is we have it all.. all the kindness, love, support, care, respect, confidence, independence, innocence and power that we seek from the outer world!

For being the most complete, self-sufficient and powerful gender, it first demands our own equality for each of ourselves before seeking the outside world.

So Cheers to Enigmatic Womanhood with all our untied spirit, complete acceptance, caring heart and confident soul!!!

Eshy Acharya
Eshy Acharya

Eshy Acharya is double masters in Marketing Management from Pune, India…

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