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Eshy Acharya is double masters in Marketing Management from Pune, India. Although she is a minimalist but in the matter of knowledge, she is a greedy hoarder. She strongly believes there is always a big scope to learn and re-invent things and no knowledge goes waste. Every learned word helps you to build your own destiny. She loves to write fiction with spinning-twisting-conjuring human emotions and expressions. When she is not writing a novel, indulge herself in travelling, calligraphy practice, doodling, reading all sorts of typed-printed-inked words, scrolling Instagram, and blogging articles and flash fiction on her blog. She is a Leo cheese lover and uses her passion for writing to combat her anxiety disorder. She believes books are true food of the soul. She lives in Mumbai with her Banker and hobbyist photographer husband. She always counts Bhopal as the happiest childhood land where she dreamed of writing such stories that could stir up the dry-bare soul like fresh lemonade. Since her early days, she is into writing poems and short stories but didn't dare to choose writing as a mainstream career. She believes writing stories and being an author is a kind of living wonder and magic too! It appears like your purest-softest heart is scribbled on the white paper. All her quirky jobs as an IT professional, Banker, and Marketing Professor were blessings in disguise and lead to the epiphany of writing, kind of… ‘Blessing in disguise’. Currently, besides being an author and storyteller, she is working as a Blogger, Content writer and Assistant Scriptwriter for a web series. She has almost written one hundred highly recommended books that she secretly signs in every dark night! Published Books – NIGHTMARE AND SUNSHINE: A short story collection <p><?php echo my_custom_excerpt( get_the_author_meta('description') , 20 ); ?></p>
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This year, 2021 we are celebrating Int’l Women’s Day on the theme of #ChoosetoChallenge.

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