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Top 10 High Paid Actress and Models in The World:Top 10 High Paid Actress and Models in The World:

As in the serious of the entertainment industry evolutions across the globe, today we are going to focus on the list of top highest paid actress and model in the world.

I know it’s hard to find the best figure amongst so many stunning and highly skilled actress and models, who are nailing on screen worldwide.

1. Emma Watson

First name in this list we have our most popular name of Hollywood our Belle from the Disney’s movie Beauty and the Beast, but before this she made more name and fame from the movie and the novel which won almost everyone’s heart “Harry Potter” and according to The Hollywood’s Reporter, Watson earned a total of US$60 million for playing fan favourite role of Hermione Granger, well we still love our Hermione. Emma is 33 years old British actress, born in Paris, France.

Emma Charges around: 60 million USD.

2. Scarlett Johansson

Second name is this we have the most talented, skilled and famous actress in this list we have American actress Scarlett Johansson, Born in The United States.  She is popularly known for playing a role of Black Widow in the Avengers Series. She is 36 years old and no wonder why she is loved by people across world.  Scarlett started her career in 13 and from then till now she acted in several high- rated and popular movies like “Her”, Lost in Translation, Avengers: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame and many more, these are few movies which justify her career as a leading actress globally. Apart from acting, she is also a talented singer and model.

Scarlett Charges: 56 million USD.

3. Angelina Jolie

Third name in list we have most legendary actress of the Hollywood Angelina Jolie. She is one of the most successful and talented actresses of this era and There might be barely someone who wouldn’t have heard her name before. This is because her plenty of fans across the world who still adore her. Jolie’s latest film, Eternals, brought her incredible talent to the character of Thena. She literally captivated the audience with her outstanding acting skills. She is 48 years old American lady but still we can’t ignore her timeless beauty and impeccable talent.

Angelina charges: 36 million USD.

4. Jennifer Aniston

Next in this we have another most popular and talented face of Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer was popularly known across the world as a Rachel for playing and excellent role in the most famous and a gem of the American T.V. Show called “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. After so many years of friends till so many people still recall her and known her as a Rachel, I know we can’t ignore her iconic haircut and style.  She has also awarded several awards for her movies, like the Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award.

Jennifer Charges: 28 million USD.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Next in this list we have another most famous face Jennifer Lawrence a leading actress among the echelon of highly remunerated actresses. Even at a younger age, like 32 years, she has made herself one of the highest-paid actresses, with a net worth of $160 million.

In spite her so many achievements, we have to mention her down-to-earth personality and charitable work. Therefore, Jennifer Lawrence is a beloved actress on-screen and a kind heart off-screen.  Lawrence has received several awards for her phenomenal acting, including an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Jennifer Charges: 28 million USD.

6. Emma Stone

Next in this another most famous and outstanding actress our lovely La La Land Mia “Emma Stone”. I guess we all are very well aware of Emma’s acting skills because of her box office movies like ‘Cruella’, The Amazing Spidermen 1 and 2. Emma is a 34 years old American lady with an outstanding acting skill and an amazing human. If we talk about her achievements then she has recipient of various accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

Emma Charges: 25 million USD.

7. Gal Gadot

Next in this list we have another most famous name of Hollywood “Gal Gadot”. We have seen her most skilled and action-packed performance as a Wonder Women 1984 in 2020 movie role. She nailed that role and also became the one of the highest paying actresses in the “Netflix”. 

Gal Charges: – 25 million USD.

8. Reese Witherspoon

Next anther multi-talented actress oof Hollywood is Reese Witherspoon. She’s an evergreen beauty and an incredible veteran actress of the 1990s. Yet, her charm and acting grace aren’t faded, and still, she’s around on the list, whether it’s entertaining audiences with her acting skills or making headlines with her business’s skills, Witherspoon is the epitome of success. She is also awarded with a Gloden Globe Award.

Resse charges around: 35 million USD.

9. Julia Roberts

Second last actress in our list we have the most multitalented and excellent actress “Julia Robert” She has become one of the most successful and wealthiest actresses, truly a gem of Hollywood.  Julia born on October 28, 1967 in the United States, 55-year-old actress has been gracing the silver screen for 34 years now. With her blockbuster movies like Marry Reily, Dying Young, and The Mexican, Julia Roberts became a household name in the 1990. She has also received three Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards.

Julia Charges around: 29 million USD.

10. Melissa McCarthy

Last name in this list we have one of the most renowned American actresses who boasts exceptional talent in the fields of Acting and production ‘Melissa McCarthy’ apart from acting she is also a talented and famous Comedian. Melissa’s phenomenal acting skills have been awarded the Golden Globe Award. Her blockbuster movies like Bridesmaids and The Heat have crossed the $300 million mark, making her the best works of her career.

Melissa Charge around: 25 million USD.

You may also check this blog : Top 10 female models in the world. I hope the above list of the highest paid actress and their achievements finds interesting and helpful for all the Hollywood movie lovers.

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