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Business Business is a fiction inspired from various events which are very much close to our daily life. It is a story of four college friends and their constant struggle for career and growth. The story is set in 2006 when the technology was just new and people started using smartphones, orkut, apps etc. As IT students, these guys used to show these luxuries to impress the college girls. On the other hand, they also dealt with the ambitious parents’ hopes from their kids to get a job in other countries and drive a BMW. How the parents in the 90s were so materialistic and how being in the IT profession is a feed to the individual egos, is also picturised in the book in detail. These all were the dreams of these friends while struggling in college. The story depicts the constant dilemma of dreams & ambition between the real fate of life. Not everyone is able to reach the ultimate goal in life and end up just being a college professor as the last career option. The book beautifully shows the emotional pain and struggle of life through its characters.

The book seems to be a next door story and the reader can easily relate with the story and its characters. Based on the journey of IT professionals and in quest of achieving their goals, the friends decide to set up a start up and come up with an idea. The real journey starts after that. The series of failure and success and how these people dealt with them is a complete entertainment to read. The author has successfully penned down the stress, mental & emotional conditions of people who are trying to start a company or dealing in a beginner level of entrepreneurship. The market shifted, the pandemic effects, clashes of ego etc. – these are all detailed out so perfectly in the story that one can feel it happening in his/her own workplace or in their own household.

The story further moves into the business and these guys decide to go global from being local and sooner a secret is revealed which changes the course of life and business together and a new dilemma comes up in the life of the characters.

It’s not easy to write down a book in such a real life situation and the Mr. Avinash successfully strings the events together and brings out a complete wholesome read for the readers. It is fun to read the book and the reader is going to enjoy every chapter of the book. In the end of the book, it showered enormous emotions and learning for all of those who are doing business in their life. Business Business is a great book bundle with various emotions & business tactics. Mr. Avinash himself is an IT professional and he knows the pain and emotional dilemma of a person dealing in this profession and he pen down these incidents very beautifully. One can not disappoint with the story and the writing style is so fresh that it gives the fragrance of a new blossomed flower. In the end, the book is a highly recommendable read for all of us as it is not just about Business but also a series of human emotions, failures and many many learnings are there in the book. It is the first book of Mr. Avinash and he succeeded in his first attempt. After reading the book you will definitely recommend it to your friends and family. The publishing team did a beautiful job with the publication and brought us a great book.

In one word, Business Business is a through and through good read.

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