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Book Title: If Tomorrow Comes
Author: Pratibha Malav
ISBN: 9789390567881
Publisher: InkQuills Publishing House (12 June 2021)

About the author:

Meet the young and popular author Pratibha Malav who recently released her new Book- If Tomorrow Comes. She debuted as an author at nineteen with A Kind Of Commitment. Her book received an international award from TCK Publishing House. She has also contributed to an anthology. She has worked with a couple of publishers.
Her newly released book “If Tomorrow Comes” has marked over 150 reviews on Amazon and 400 on Goodreads in such a short span of time after the release. The book is basically the sequel to A Kind of Commitment which won thousands of hearts.
Pratibha Malav is a speed-reading, coffee-loving, book-addicted romance author. She has worked as a senior writer at a news company and as a travel agent at a travel company. She has gained huge following on social media platforms and invites you to ask questions about her writing journey, book recommendations, etc.

About The Book:

Time Heals Wounds, But Time Doesn’t Fill Gaps.

Three years ago Mausami’s heart was broken into so many tiny pieces that it took her forever to put it back. She has made a tremendous amount of money in the past years and has been living a life of luxury while still following her passion. But she is no longer the same person that she was when she fell for the guy she couldn’t keep. The endless pain turned her heart into a stone that even years later, she can’t risk her heart softening again.

When Past Knocks, Never Open The Door.

Years later when Mausami discovers a shocking secret about the guy who changed the outcome of her entire life; she has to meet him and share the piece of news, putting her heart at stake. Mausami finds herself falling for the same guy again, but the only problem is he can’t have her back though he wants to. He has his reasons.

Only Love Can Heal A Broken Heart.

Emotionally charged and universally challenged Mausami wants nothing but a little peace in her heart, which fate is ready to offer to her; only if she accepts it. Or is it fate’s new game of destroying her once and for all?

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