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Atmanirbhar Bharat From An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

ByAkarshak Bose

May 3, 2021

During the Lockdown, the government of India took the initiative of making India “Atmanirbhar“. A new ray of hope struck the young minds of entrepreneurs. The doors of a much wider market suddenly opened in front of them. The Indian market was known for its red tape, but economic liberalization in 1991, created an enormous impact on the Indian market by making it a free market economy. Further digitalization, made in India, and the recent self-reliance boost to the Indian economy have demonstrated that “Yes, India is ready for new challenges.” Making a country self-sufficient implies that the country should reduce its reliance on imports, it also implies that alternative and innovative products or services of high quality should be available in the market. Less dependency on fuel imports, more focus on alternative green energy. Dependency should decrease on borrowing technology from other nations. This is what Atmanirbhar truly means. This is where the mindset of entrepreneurs becomes essential. An entrepreneur thinks creatively and enthusiastically. Atmanirbhar Bharat is full of challenges because the Indian market is unpredictable, and entrepreneurs face challenges. The challenges for Atmanirbhar Bharat are interconnected. There is neither quality infrastructure nor equal opportunities available, which in turns results in brain drains. As a result, there is no innovation.
Innovation can lead us to a revolution and when there is a revolution, there is a change. Innovation will help new technology to grow, new products to roll in, new services to make people’s lives easier. As a result, the market will expand, and exports will increase, resulting in the creation of millions of new jobs. In the case of China, from where cheap products keep on rolling into the global market, “the Township and Village Enterprises” are so advanced that they have an enormous impact on China’s economy. This is because of the infrastructure they have even at the local levels. Similarly, even after devastating World War 2, the tiny country of Japan became the second most developed economy. This became possible by ensuring proper skill development and inculcating innovation at the grassroots level of the community. So, from an entrepreneur’s perspective, invest today in innovation and infrastructure for a better tomorrow.
“When young minds collide, innovation happens.” But when students are leaving their motherland, how is it possible for innovation to happen?
As there are fewer opportunities available in India in terms of quality education, quality infrastructure and advanced technology, lakhs of students are migrating to other nations and very few percentages of students are turning back to serve their country. True, India urgently requires proper research, operational, educational, and healthcare infrastructure. The second wave of covid painted a clear picture of our healthcare facilities, and continuous brain drain has demonstrated for decades that “education and jobs in India are neither merit-based nor for the indigent.” This is a very big reason why India is still a developing nation. So, until and unless you revitalize your infrastructure, revamp your educational system, and ensure equal opportunities for all, you will not be able to make India truly Atmanirbhar. When you think from an entrepreneur’s point of view, they will never compromise their long term sustainability for their short term needs. A lack of political will impedes changing our system, as most parties are preoccupied with securing their vote bank, endangering India’s future. The system also failed to install patriotism in the minds of the youth. Thousands of Indians are living abroad to serve other countries. This isn’t bad, as we always believe in “Vasudeva Kuttumbakam“, but the time has come for them to adopt India’s first policy to make their country self reliant. An entrepreneur helps and guides others but never compromises their startups.
The last challenge for India to become self-reliant, from an entrepreneur’s perspective, is lack of motivation. A very small number of Indians are thinking outside of the box. This is either because they are thinking opportunities are not available or because they are considering the market to be unstable, which could compromise their dream future. But by encouraging and engaging grassroots people and communities to participate in this process, we can make India self-reliant, as entrepreneurs never believe in leaving anyone behind. Even though they can not guarantee a secure future because the market is rife with risk, with the right motivation, adopting innovation, proper support from all sectors, and hard work, they can make the market stable, which will make the future perfect. “Atmanirbhar Bharat” is the dream of millions of entrepreneurs who want to serve India proudly.

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