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An Interview with Aruna Shaibya, Author of Book ‘Niyatinati’

ByThe Rise Insight

Feb 5, 2023
Author Aruna Shaibya

Aruna Shaibya was born in the Mirzapur district of India and grew up in the city of Varanasi. She graduated from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) with a degree in Hindi Literature and also holds a master’s in Social Work and a doctorate in Vedic Studies.

In place of boring government job it is with writing that she has deepest connection and she is founder of an NGO called Aali-Foundation, which works to help women and children who are facing problems in life. Motivated by her father who still spends hours reading and writing every day, she has already written 5 Hindi poetry books and two novels, Niyatinati and Apoorva, and is now working on a 5 book series based on Indian mythology, called VIJAYSANGRAM

Today, Aruna lives in National Capital Region (N.C.R.) and spends her free time reading, writing, listening to music and experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen. She has a deep connection with nature and children and enjoys travelling to quieter corners of the planet whenever she can, visiting temples and sacred places that provide her with comfort and inspiration.

Her hopes for the future include doing enough positive things that bring great change to the world, causing others to one day write about her. She wants to see women treated as equals in society and have the same opportunities as men and to bring Indian mythology to life through her books so that even more people can learn about it and use it to change their own circumstances.

Author Interview

Akhila Saroha: I would like to begin by congratulating you on the publication of “Niyatinati.” How has the response to the book been so far?

Aruna Shaibya: Thank you Akhila! I am getting very good response from the readers out there and I am very thankful to them for such a great response and reviews. I am very grateful to have all of you take some inspiration from my novel and bring some change in the society. Success comes the hard way so do the justice we have to work for it. No, matter what we must always follow the good and fight against bad. Ignoring what is going around us is not going to help any of us. So, we must fight for the good and make world a better place for the coming generation.

Akhila Saroha: What led to the idea of writing “Niyatinati”? Were there any events that inspired the work?

Aruna Shaibya: Yeah, this novel is related to some real-life events. Since, the day I am born I have seen the different colours and shades of life. Evil is spreading wide each day as most of us nowadays are just focusing ourselves and no, one wants to take interest to bring positive change in society. No, one wants to fight against the crime and violence in the society until it has happened to them and that’s when we all realize the importance of good karma and ultimate justice of niyati. Through this novel I am sending a message to the society that always fight for good and justice for the greater good of coming age and your next generation it will make our life peaceful and joyful.

Akhila Saroha: How easy or difficult was it for you to decide the placement of ideas in “Niyatinati” and keep it simple to understand for the readers?

Aruna Shaibya: No, it was not difficult and I think it is not much difficult to write and place the ideas in your novel when you know exactly what you want to convey and tell your readers. As an author, we do know how to create fictional and non-fictional stories. This novel of mine is non-fictional novel. It holds real-life events and experiences from my life so it came to me that it would be the perfect idea to put this in an inspirational novel. So, I was able to express emotions of each character and have put them in such an inspirational which all of the reader can understand easily in simple language.

Akhila Saroha: What are your views about present-day writing? Do you think it does complete justice in depicting human nature in the light of “Niyatinati”?

Aruna Shaibya: In present-day writing as an author, I want to make human society a better place for women. I hope to bring change to human society and make women seen as equal to men. I want to bring out the sinful things, crime and violence against women in society in the light of “Justice” and help women and society to stand and fight against crime and violence.

Yes, it does complete justice in depicting human nature in the light of “Niyatinati”. We all get paid for karma whether it is good or bad. However, we must not rely on destiny and just sit there and do nothing. We must work hard for our dreams and goals. By, bringing change in ourselves we can bring some change in society. We should bring light to the bad things happening around us otherwise we will lose the peace in our life.

Akhila Saroha: “Niyatinati” shows the uniqueness of your style of writing. Are there any authors that you enjoy reading or any books which are your favourites?

Aruna Shaibya: Yes, it does. Thank you!!! I enjoy reading books and novels by Narendra Kohali. “Mahasamar” by Narendra Kohli which is a series of 9 books is my favourite and I love and enjoy reading it all the time.

Akhila Saroha: How would you categorize “Niyatinati” as its appeal seems to be to a broad audience?

Aruna Shaibya: “Niyati” is an inspirational non-fictional novel written for a social cause. It brings light to the unspoken reality of our society. In Niyatinati readers will find different phases of our lives and how life can change at any moment. Youth should learn about these parts of life. They should learn to take inspiration from such events in life like “Vivek” from this novel. In my novel, I have written about different aspects of life. Readers will find love, friendship, trust, revenge and suspense in this novel. It also tells the readers how one must not accept defeat and find inspiration from such events. Niyatinati is available in both Hindi and English language also paperback and kindle edition.

Akhila Saroha: “Niyatinati” has given a powerful introduction to your potential as a writer. Can the readers expect more from you in the future? Please share about your future projects.

Aruna Shaibya: Yes, they can expect more from me. I am already working on my next book series “Vijaysangram” which is a set of 5 books. Sanjeevani, Devyani, Mitraghaat, Pratighaat and Shraap. It is mythological series it will be coming soon and readers will like it.

Akhila Saroha: What is the story behind the title of your work, “Niyatinati”?

Aruna Shaibya: “Niyatinati” is an inspirational story of three friends and how their lives take turns from being happy at moment to suddenly everything changing in their life. When everything seems to be going perfectly Niyatinati starts her dance through Vivek’s revenge for his father and sister’s death. Whereas Niyatinati reveals that we all have to pay for our deeds in this materialistic world only which is called – The ultimate justice of karma. Hence, it is a perfect title for my novel “Niyatinati”.

Akhila Saroha: Of all the modes of writing, what made you come up with the idea of writing in prose form in “Niyatinati”?

Aruna Shaibya: Good question! Of all the modes of writing, I came up with this idea of prose form, as it was the perfect way to tell this story as non-fictional novel as it holds some real life events and social issues of today’s time.

Akhila Saroha: In the present time, the ideas in “Niyatinati” do not find much mention. What, according to you, could be the possible reason for that?

Aruna Shaibya: People nowadays do not believe in “Niyati” (Destiny). They work hard for what they want to do and achieve in their life. In addition, they think it is illogical to think that their life is pre-written or something. That is the reason people do not think that there is something like “destiny”. People nowadays write their destinies on their own. That is the reason I think they do not mention it much. Yet we all are paid for our karma in this life only and that is what I mean it by destiny here.

Akhila Saroha: If you were to describe your book “Niyatinati” in a few words without giving any spoilers, what would those words be?

Aruna Shaibya: It would be whatever you do good or bad know that it always comes back to you one way or the other.

Akhila Saroha: What advice would you give to budding writers who may be planning to write in the same genre as “Niyatinati”?

Aruna Shaibya: I would give this advice to the budding writers that take your time to write. When writing feel, and live through each characters of your novel, that way you will be able to give it a real touch and make it interesting for readers. Work on your story with true heart and mind. Write it with some good purpose.

Akhila Saroha: Thank you very much for sparing your time. I look forward to reading more books from you in the future. All the best.

Aruna Shaibya: My pleasure! Thanks to you too Akhila Saroha and Thank you all the readers for all the love and support.

By The Rise Insight

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