• Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

we have come almost at end of this loving ourselves journey, this journey started from having faith, to making an effort, becoming more patience to accepting yourself and start growing and in last week we find our real cause of euphoria. Now, I hope you realized you didn’t have to be so tough all of the time. You can break down, fall and fail or pause. You were allowed to feel whatever was troubling you because, like others, your feelings are valid. I also hope none of your fears were your fault. Allow this to sink in: life sucks big time. But it’s also beautiful at the same time, because you were a part of it. And it will always be beautiful because you made it.  Today, it’s not just an article it’s a small message to all us: lets ask ourself why so serious?

Don’t take things so seriously to the point where you’ve lost all enjoyment for the things you used to love. Why so serious? When we all know that our life is so short; we must allow ourself to feel, to heal, to explore more about us. In our previous article we have already discussed that healing comes in waves. On someday you will drown, and on other days you will float. Same like that care yourself as deep as you would care for anyone else.

It’s already good enough to know what you don’t want. You don’t have to know your life purpose, life passion, or career path will be when you are still so young. You don’t need to have it all figured out. There is still time. You don’t need to have the next decades of your life planned and mapped out. I think sometimes we can be really good at giving out advise, but we never take it for ourselves. So, take your own advice. Trust your instincts, you already know the right path, you just have to stop second guessing yourself. wherever you are on your journey, just take the time out to celebrate how far you’ve come, appreciate those days which was not so great but you could manage to face them and cope up, just look how hard you’ve been fighting. Look at how miraculously strong you’ve been.

Why so serious? When there’s so much more to life than what it feels like right now, so if you’re in that dark place, know that there are much better and brighter things out there. So, this is your reminder to take it easy. Don’t push yourself so hard that you completely spiral out of control. Don’t keep going until you’re only running out on fumes. Take care of yourself, respect your limits, and recharge when you need to.

Srishty Verma. 

By The Rise Insight

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