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The secret of beauty.

ByRitu Singh

Apr 21, 2021
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What do you think beauty is? Is it the symmetry of your face, or any other thing?

Answer is No, beauty is from inside, it totally depends on your mind that what you thinking or around which type of people you do live.

Your lifestyle tells you about How do you look?

First and foremost, step is. Drink water as plenty as you can. Water is such an essential item for your body, which help you or allows you to digest and regulate vitamins, protein, or all essential minerals to circulate over body through blood.

Can you imagine your life without water? Obviously no similarly a cell could not live without liquid or moist water helps cell to function all things in proper manner. If a cell become healthy you will be going to maintain your colour glow and body weight too.

Second essential thing is yoga, your body is made up of Panchatantra and you have 7 chakras in your bodies. These chakras help you to think or live a better life. And chakras could turn on only with the help of yoga. This regulates our oxygen towards every cell of our body.

When you need to do yoga?

Don’t think about things which give you stress but, if they frequently come in your mind don’t try to stop them. Allow them to come and ask to yourself is it necessary to think about it. Do it will be beneficial for your life. These things slowly make you perfect day by day.

With yoga you also have to eat healthy food. Healthy food habit does mean you can eat as more as you can but it will be healthy. You have to take things in limit.

If you need to gain weight then you have to eat only protein-based things but not cooked with lots of oils or spices but boiled grilled food.

Veggies are essential for both to gain weight or lose weight.

It is not to lose or gain weight but it is to be healthy and fit. Not too far or too thin. Meditate yourself. Say all is well. And try to help others it will provide you real happiness, be real you. Let things go if it became worst. Try to be understanding and smart. In this pandemic everyone should know all problems and how to solve them.

So be happy stay safe

By Ritu Singh

M.tech in VLSI.

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